Chi energy is the life energy of everything. It flows through you, and makes up everything that you can sense, and experience. Even the atoms of the universe are made of chi energy. Throughout the world, cultures, and traditions have found, and worked with this mystical energy, but have called it different names. Throughout this post I will be referring to Chi energy as chi.  At the end of the post I will compile a list of names that chi can also be called.

Since Chi is the life force energy of all living things it goes without saying that you need it to survive. I’ve noticed through my experience once chi drops below a certain level the affected will start to get symptoms of  fatigue, dizziness, nausea, headache, weakness, among other things. Many things in this world can deplete your Chi like, but are not limited to illness, bad eating habits, psychic vampirism, masturbation, and/or certain magical practices. If your chi ever gets low you can always replenish it with breathing techniques, Yoga, meditation, crystals, herbs, “just going to sleep”, and many more. Keeping your chi in balance is the best way to be spiritually healthy.

Most of your Chi is stored in what is known as your chakras or energy centers of the body. The Energy Center that stores the most energy is located above your navel, and it’s called the solar plexus, dantian or the manipura. Chi also flows from chakra to chakra through a system of energy veins called nadis. All this energy radiates off your body in what is known as the aura.

Through enough practice you can learn to control, and manipulate this energy. You could use Chi to heal, hurt or even connect with everything around you. I would say chi is the basis for all spiritual practices, and is essential to learn if you would like to learn any spiritual, esoteric, or occult art. This is just the basics of chi only you can experience, and learn what chi means to you through training, and your path.

Other names for Chi energy: Qi energy, Ki energy, Psi energy Vital energy, Prana energy, Orgone energy, Mana energy, Ether energy, Aether energy, Cit energy, Lung energy, Ruah energy, metaphysical energy, Holy Spirit, Great Spirit, The Force


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