Ki ball is one of the first techniques I ever learned. If you could not feel your ki up to this point this is the exercise that will allow you to get more in tune with your ki on a personal level. Remember that chi and ki are interchangeable terms the reason I’m using  ki instead of chi is because I learned this technique from martial artists that practiced karate, and Aikido. So it’s just easier for me to use ki in the titles of some chi techniques. Anyway I regress the ki ball will allow you to push ki energy out of your hands to form an invisible ball that you will be able to feel and play with. It’s a pretty basic technique but it can still take some time to master. At the beginning it might be hard to make a ki ball but after the first time it becomes a lot easier. This exercise will prepare you for more different types of energy manipulations. For this technique you’ll need to know how to use grounding and centering. Here is the part where I give you a step by step.

  1. First things first you need to center and ground.
  2. Next put your hands out in front of you with your palms facing each other.
  3. Now visualize drawing ki energy from your solar plexus and pushing that ki energy up your back to the middle of your chest. Visualize splitting the ki so half it goes down both arms to the space in between your hand.
  4. Then see in your minds eye a ball of bright blue or white light form in between your hands.
  5. Now see if you can feel the ki ball in anyway by moving your hands back and forth. You should be able to feel some whether it be tingling sensation, heat, cold, pressure or that you just know you are.

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