Meditation is one of the most useful skills you can have in your arsenal. It is true meditation can be used to relax you, but it also has thousands of different purposes. Meditation could help you study a topic to learn it faster, it could allow you to talk to spiritual entities, or even help you unlock your own hidden strengths. Through meditation, we can find new worlds, and realms to journey through with our spirit guides that will help us learn more about ourselves. We can find guidance, and answers to questions we have in our own personal lives. We can find our past lives, and our spirit guides. There is a lot of different forms and practices of meditation. Meditation can be tricky to learn. At first, you won’t be able to meditate for that long but eventually, you will be able to go for hours. You will probably grow to the point where you lose track of all time, and space while in meditation. As with all my other basic post, I will now provide you with a step by step on how to meditate, but this will be a basic meditation. This meditation will teach you to enter a meditative state and to enter into a place I like to call the sacred space.

  1. Find a place you will not be disturbed, and you can feel safe in.
  2. Now sit, or lay in a relaxing position then close your eyes.
  3. Now begin to start deep breathing, or you can use the technique known as energy breathing. Do this for about 5 minutes, or until you feel comfortable to move on.
  4. Begin to breathe normally. Then bring all your focus on to the center of your forehead. Now sit there, and wait in quiet for as long as you feel necessary then move onto step 5. (Here is also the place where you would cast a circle, or use some other form of protection if you would like to.)
  5. Now you must visualize a place. This place may randomly come to you, or it might be a place you’ve been before but all that really matters is that it feels safe in the space. It could be a forest, a beach, an ocean, the dark side of the Moon, or any other place you could experience. Once you find this place it will be your sacred space, and every time you meditate you can come here. Once in your sacred space, you’ll be able to see and walk around in this visualization by just thinking about it.
  6. Once you’re ready to come out of meditation you should ease your way out through more deep breathing, and when you finally feel up to it you should slowly open your eyes so you can re-tune to the physical world.

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