Affirmations are used to put change in motion in your life. They are said repetitiously in order to affect your consciousness on a subconscious level to pull you in the right direction with your intent, and effort. These affirmations are usually done through a positive statement of intent like “I am going to meditate tonight.”, “I am able to remember my dreams.”, or “I am surviving this day of work.” These statements can be said aloud, or silently to yourself from under your breath, or inside your mind just as long as you get your intention out there, because once it’s out there you can move straight into that reality.  You always want to use present tense, and positive, and simple wording. Some people like to tell them self the affirmation through a mirror in the second person in order to really drive the affirmation home. Just like all magick affirmations must be believed in order to work, because it is a positive reprogramming of your subconscious mind through your intent, and your energies. Affirmations are for making change occur in yourself, and for you to push yourself in the direction you would like to go. These statements to yourselves do not instantly work, but through repetition, and a extended period of time you will eventually get to where you want to be. Though it is very simple it is still magickal, and it is still powerful.


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