An alphabet of binding is the exact opposite of an alphabet of desire. This alphabet is also made out of a bunch of reusable sigils, but in an alphabet a binding these sigils are associated with negative aspects, negative thoughts, negative emotions, and negative feelings. Instead of using it to manifest things it is used to control negative aspects of the practitioner, so that the negative aspects can be controlled, and utilize for the practitioners purposes. By working with these negative aspects the practitioner can learn more about themselves, and empower there working and provide an outlet for these energies. The alphabet of binding is the inner negativities of the practitioner made in to a physical representation. These then can be used later as weapons in cursing, and ways to understand, cooperate, and work with these emotions in a much more structured way.

To make an alphabet of binding you must first go into yourself, and look for all the negative aspects, emotions, thoughts, and feelings that are plaguing you, so that you can organize them into a list, then give them names, and make them their own personal sigils, and energy forms. There are many ways to do this, but the two that I have found are a very deep form of meditation to unlock the inner negative secrets of your mind, so that you can understand them, and the second way is through a form of pushing yourself to the limits until you break, until your negative aspects come to you, so that you can name them, and bind them. But, the second one is not recommended, because of what it might entail. just like alphabet of desires alphabets of binding are usually very personal to the practitioner who creates them. This does not mean other people cannot use them, but this does mean it is primarily connected to the practitioner, and there craft, and may not be as effective for someone else to use.

Step by step on how to create a alphabet of binding:

The objective is to give them life much like you would a servitor, and to bind them to an alphabet, so you have control over them. Here’s a step by step on a way to create an alphabet of binding. Step-by-step time.

1) First you will need to begin by entering a meditative state. This meditation should be very deep, so that you can access the inner part of your being. You can do this in any position that you would like such as sitting, lying, or standing. Pick any position that you feel comfortable in.

2) In this meditational state you need to look for your negative feelings, emotions, and thoughts. invoke them to you, so that you can analyze, and understand them. This may be hard if you are not ready to interact with such negative sides of yourself.

3) Once you commune with your negative energies, you are going to need to make these energies names, and sigils that represent them, so that you can use these things to have control over those types of energies.

4) Once all of the things that are pleasing you have names, and sigils your alphabet of binding will be complete, and you can return back to your normal state of being.

The alphabet of binding can be used in many ways, and can be a wonderful tool to have in your arsenal. Here is a small list of a few ways a alphabet of binding can be used:

  • You will be able to use these sigils in order to invoke certain negative energies.
  • You can release your certain negative energies into the sigil that it is associated with in order to empower the sigil.
  • You can use these sigils in cursing to send these negative energies that once plagued you to the target.
  • You can use this to learn more about the negative energies that you have, and how to work with them to better yourself.
  • You can use these sigils to ward off the energies that sigil stands for.
  • You could also use the sigils in the sigil creation process to make other sigils to imbue them with their energies.
  • and much, more…

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