Artificial elementals are thought forms that are strongly connected with an element. They are used to embody the powers of an element so that you can focus them for certain purposes. They can be guardians, guides, companions, and can be representatives for the element they are aligned with. These artificial elementals can be use as the watchtowers in rituals to watch over the corners. You can also call upon your artificial elemental in order to use there elemental energies. This would be like calling upon an artificial elemental of fire for protection, and purification , or calling upon a artificial elemental of air for mental stability, or for better idea development. These entities would be pretty much thoughtforms with an affinity for one of the five elements.

Creating an artificial elemental would follow the same process of thoughtform creation, but you would need to infuse it with the energies of the certain element during the process. A way to better associate your thoughtform with the elements you want it to embody is to make its spiritual appearance have to do with that element. This could be like giving it a body of fire, or lava to represent the aspect of fire within it. You could also add to your servitor’s personality some more traits, and characteristics that would have to do with the element such as being calm, and emotional for water.  Little things like this can connect your thoughtform to an element, but the main thing you would need to do to make it an elemental is to breathe into your thoughtform the elemental energies you would like it to possess in the final creation stage of thoughtform creation. This will completely align your thoughtform with that element giving it control, and power over that element. To do this you will need to invoke the element into the thoughtform creation ritual. This can be done through bringing that element into the ritual through such things as candles to bring in fire, or incense to bring in air. You could also invoke the elements through the pentagram, and then you could mix those energies into your thoughtform. All you really need to do is to invoke the element in some way, and put that energy into your thoughtform. Then your servitor will take on the attributes of that element, and will be connected to it allowing it to become an artificial elemental. Artificial elementals can be incredibly helpful in your magickal workings, and can be powerful tools when doing anything with the elements.

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