Programming magick is the act of manifesting your desires through the use of embedded intent in computer programming code. This is a very useful, and practical way to use magick when writing programs, applications, websites, and anything else that you might use code in. In order to get the most out of these techniques you will need to know how to program in any programming language. It does not matter if it is C++, Java Script, or any other type of programming language. all you need to know is how to program in some programming language, so that you can transfer these techniques into your practice.

Magickal Programming Variables :

Variables are a very important part of programming, and they are going to be one of the main ways that we are going to use magick through the programs that we create. These variables are going to act as are intent much like a sigil would, and it will be the mark in which we fill our energy with. You will be able to charge these variables with energy through the act of interacting with them through some other command in your program.  The first thing you would have to do is define your variable this would put your variables sigil into being. The variable should be named something that should fit your intent. This can be any type of variable such as int, strings, char, boolean, or any other type of variable.


C++ :

int I_will_find_love = 0;

Then by interacting with the variable through such means as increasing the integer, or changing it in some way would build up its energy. Once the variable is charged all you would need to do is release it into the universe. You can do this by simply closing the application, or returning that variable from a function/method.

Simple Examples:

C++ :

int I_will_find_love = 0;


I_will_find_love += 1;


while ( I_will_find_love  > 100);

return 0;

HTML Magickal Programming

HTML may work a little bit differently than the other programming languages, but the idea is practically the same thing. You just have to take pieces of the HTML script, and in bed it with your intent. This should be on things that people are going to interact with when they visit your website, or blog such as putting your intent code on links, buttons, pictures, and any other things you can possibly think of, so that when they are used or looked at they will get charged. These types of sigils would be passively activated, and would continue to work as long as they are being charged.

Simple Examples:

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>My blog</title>



<a href=“url” alt=“My blog is popular”>charge my sigil</a>

<img src=“pic.jpg” alt=“My blog is popular” style=“width:304px;height:228px;”>



Both these two methods I have shared with you can be learned from, and adapted into your practice, and even made better. Even if you cannot program I hope you found this post interesting. Thank you for reading my friends.

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