Belief is a very important construct my friends especially in magick. It is what allows us to keep doing what we are doing, and give that extra energy to our intent allowing are craft to be even stronger than it is when we do not believe in it. We should not believe so strongly that we, become blinded by it, but much rather stay in a more middle, even ground. Belief is a very key part of all of this, sure it’s not what makes are magick work, but it is the thing that allows it to work without us doubting ourselves, or our unverified personal experiences. Sure our experiences do not have to be verified, or even validated for them to hold meaning to us, but having that sense of something to hold onto, rather than to fight against you is important in pretty much any practice that you attempt. You should remember to have faith in yourself, and to trust yourself. You are a beautiful entity that can do, and make anything a reality, but if you do not believe that, that is possible, it will be harder for you to achieve it. Belief is a very good thing to have but too much belief  can lead to biases, and can become quite dangerous. Allow yourself to believe in your practice my friends, and all the experiences that you have. Never push them completely aside, but take them into your being, and allow yourself to learn and grow from them. You never know you could always be on to something, or could just be completely delusional, but it does not change the fact that those experiences happened, and have meaning to at least you, if not anyone around you. Belief is a very important tool, and concept that can allow you to push through barriers that you probably would not, if you did not have the motivation of your belief pushing you, to continue to explore the world around you. Never stop believing, never allow your faith to leave you, never stop hoping, and allow this to be the wind in your sail to continue moving forward, so that you can find what you want to achieve, and bring it into this world. To not only better yourself, but the people around you, and the understandings, and knowledge  we have and share among our people. I believe in you all, and I know we can all go out there, and make something great.

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