Berserkergang is a technique that was used back in ancient times to give specific warriors who learned it strength, speed, and endurance. When a specific warrior learned these skills they were known as a Berserker. Most of these Warriors were Norse, and usually were associated with a certain type of animal, spirit, or demon. Berserkers harness the power of Wod (pronounced “wode”) which is an energy they would use to possess their bodies with so that they can enter the Berzerker trance. Which was a trance that was achieved through over charging your body with Wod, and stressing yourself mentally, physically, or emotionally, but a mixture of all of them works best. Stressing yourself out will activate your parasympathetic nervous system or fight or flight response and your sympathetic nervous system or natural animal instinct giving you a lot of heightened awareness, a lot of adrenaline, and quicker decision making. All these skills would surely be helpful in a fight, or any other task you would have to exert yourself in it would definitely give you a leg up.  Berserkers must have a lot of training to control the amount of adrenaline, and wod energy that flows through their body. If you can’t control it you might get worn out, have seizures, or worse.

This is from one of the articles about berserkers I found online.

“Natural berserks generally can only enter the berserker trance in response to some great external stress, like the danger of a fight, or a mugging, or a car accident. Some few can enter and exit the state at will without any training. But they are very rare. Most berserks need an initation to gain control over entering and exiting the state at will. An initiation is the deliberate creation of a stressful, even dangerous situation, with the intent to go berserk. It is the intent that seems to be the critical feature. When the unitary state is once created with such intent in mind then it seems to learn something important, to pay attention to how things felt, how things happened, to sufficient degree to allow the state to be duplicated in the future.” (

First to become a berserker you must learn to enter the Berserker State also known as the the gangr as it says in the passage above most berserks need an initation to gain control over entering. Meditating , being in a very spiritual state and have a lot of stress on your body, mind, and/or spirit will allow you to go berserk. You really need to push yourself to the limit to achieve the gangr. Just to trying to induce this people put their hands in fire, and drinks barrels of Mead. Once you learn how to achieve the gangr you must simplify the way that you do it down to the very core until it is just a visualization that you can call upon at any time.

If you want to learn more on this subject you should check out these links:


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