Bind runes are a typographic ligature of runes that are used as a magickal talisman in Norse magick. There are two types of bind runes that I will be discussing in this post. They are practical bind runes, and personal bind runes.

Practical bind runes are used to call upon the energies of a specific purpose such as, but not limited to:

  • Financial success
  • Protection
  • Luck
  • Love
  • Binding
  • Warding
  • Health
  • Etc…

Practical bind runes use the runes that they are made up of to call upon these energies. This would be like if you were creating a bind rune, and you wanted to make it for protection. You could combine the runes tyr, algiz, and thurisaz because these runes have protective energies associated with them.

Personal bind runes are made from runes that make up a persons initials. This type of bind rune is said to reinforce one’s personality that it is made for. Personal bind runes can be very helpful in strengthening the connection with you, and your path. These personal bind runes are also used as maker marks.

As I stated above all you have to do to make a bind rune is create a typographic ligature using runes that are metaphysically associated with what you want to achieve. Unless you’re doing a personal bind rune in which case you would use your initials as runes. Once you create your bind rune draw, carve, or place your bind rune wherever you would like the intended energy to permeate. In this regard bind runes are very close to chaos magick sigils in many ways, except in my experience you have to charge sigils, but bind runes do not have to be charged.

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