A book of shadows is a book that is kept by a practitioner of magick that contains things that have to do usually with the craft. The book of shadow goes by many different names such as grimoire, book of wisdom, book of light, book of twilight, and/or book of spells among other things. Books of shadows are usually very personal books to the practitioner that owns them, but these books can also be used by groups of practitioners, or may even be open to the public. Things that might be kept in a book of shadows are spells, rituals, symbols, references, correspondences, and much, much more.

These books can also be journals, or even notes for the practitioner on their Journey, and can be a place to write ideas down for later. These books are very unique to the practitioner that owns them and can usually have anything meaningful to the practitioner inside them. There is truly no limit of what you can keep in a book of shadows, but it’s always a good idea to write down everything you know. Books of Shadows can be great tools to help you in your magickal working. These are incredibly useful to remember certain constructs, and concepts when you can’t hold that information in your had or need a reminder course to refresh your material that you have already learned. These books can provide great insight into how you will change, and grow on your path by what you have written down in it. Allowing you to learn from yourself, and your experiences in the past.

Books of Shadows can be made out of  pretty much anything. All you really need is to find some sort of place where you can store constructs that have to do with your craft. You can have a really fancy Book of Shadows, but this is not necessary. Just anything that you can come up with that can be filled  with information that relates to your craft can be your book of shadows. I have seen people use beautifully bound empty books, notebooks, pieces of paper stapled together, a binder with transparencies, a folder on a computer, or even a website as their book of Shadows. Book of Shadows can be quite diverse things that will form to the specifications of the practitioner, and the path that they are on.

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