The bubble of white light protection is a technique that is used to protect from outside influences, and energies. This technique can be used anytime that you feel that you need spiritual protection, and is a very easy and basic technique to learn, and execute. Times when you would want to use this technique are right before you meditate, before doing psychic readings, if you are feeling overwhelmed as an empath, and many, many other situations. It may be a very basic technique, but it’s a very good technique to have in your arsenal. Step by step time!

  1. First thing you’re going to want to do is relax. You’re going to want to get into a nice, and calm state of mind in which you can focus completely on yourself.
  2. Next you’re going to want to ground, and center yourself using any grounding, or centering method.
  3. Once you’re done with that visualize in your mind’s eye energy coming down from the higher planes filling your body with radiant white light all the way up to the brim. Where it can spill over into a bubble of white light that will surround your entire being. Visualize this bubble of white light that you have constructed around you. See it as vividly as you can, and allow it to become finite, and real. Know in your being that this Bubble of white light will protect you, and keep you safe as long as you require it.

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