Chi Ghost Projection is a technique that allows you to gain skills faster through a projection of your chi energy. This technique can be used to learn things more quickly through the process of tuning your energy to a task in order to take that energy back into your being to gain understanding, and experience in that skill. This technique is pretty simple, and can be learned by anybody who wants to learn something. I will now provide the step by step on how to do the chi ghost projection technique. Step by step time…

1) Find a place where you can enter a meditative State without being disturbed. Then sit, stand, or lay in a position that you are comfortable with, and close your eyes.

2) Now you want to focus on all the chi energy inside your body, and feel it flowing through your entire being. You want to see it as a clone version of your physical body, but made out of chi energy. You need to build a very strong connection with this version of yourself, so you can directly control it. This connection will be made through intense focus, and willpower.

3) Now you need to envision the chi energy clone walking out of your body, and separating from you. Once you envision that it is out of the confines of your body see it doing the task that you would like to learn. This task can be anything from memorizing words, and phrases to practicing a martial arts routine. As long as you replicated through the use of your chi energy ghost the energy from the task will imprint upon it.

4) The last, and final thing you need to do is to take back the energy into your body by envisioning the chi energy ghost returning to you. When you do this the imprinted energy from the technique will return to you also giving you the skills as if you did them yourself. Once the chi energy has returned you can open your eyes and  go among your day.


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