Cloud bursting is a technique in which you gaze at a cloud. and force it to dissipate. This technique  is more for training the psychic energy of your gaze than anything else. Since most practical situations don’t require the removal of a cloud, but it can help with focus, determination, and understanding of energy projection from your eyes. To do this technique you will need to first find a cloud. You need to find a small cumulus cloud, because the bigger the cloud the more energy, focus, and willpower it takes to dissipate it.  It also works the best on cumulus cloud formations, because they are separated, and distant from each other, so they will be the easiest to work with. Once you found the cloud begin to gently gaze upon it. Make sure your eyes are relaxed, and your gaze is stern as you drift into a more of a trance state. See in your mind’s eye the clouds splitting up in every direction like the explosion of a firework. Send this image through your eyes, and up to the cloud. Picture everything as clearly as you can, and wait for some form a reaction, or effect. If this is done correctly the clouds should begin, or be dissipated in a way that seems to be connected to your intent.

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