Compressing psi is pretty self explanatory, and is a straightforward technique in which the user compressors his, or her energy into a denser state. This denser state of energy is used in energy manipulation to have a stronger effect on the outcome you’re trying to create at that time. Compressing your psi will push your energy closer together allowing your energy to become more of a solid entity on this plane of existence. This will make it easier for it to interact with things that exist on this plane. Dense energy usually feels like a heavier more solid version of itself, and when your energy becomes more dense you should be able to feel it.There are a couple methods on how to actually do this technique. I will list the ones that I know that have work for me down below. Step by Step list time!

Method 1: Grow And Shrink Method

  1. First you will need energy to work with. So you will have to make a very strong psi ball. I have a post on how to make a PSI ball, If you do not know how to make one.
  2. When you have a psi ball in your hands, move your hands farther apart making the psi ball grow as you do so.  Once you have increased the size of your PSI ball push your hands closer together moving all the energy of that big PSI ball down back into a smaller PSI ball.
  3. Now all you have to do is keep doing that multiple times. Every time you grow the psi ball, and push it back down into a smaller size you should feel the psi becoming denser.

Method 2: Think Denser Method

  1. Make a PSI ball. Just like in the other method.
  2. Once you make that PSI ball you must focus upon it. You want to picture it in your mind’s eye as clear as you can.
  3. Once you have pictured the PSI ball in your mind imagine the psi ball getting denser, and denser. Through your focus, and your willpower you should eventually be able to feel it getting more dense.

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