In our practice energy is one of, if not the main fundamental construct that allows us to manifest our desires through our intent. Our consciousness, and state of being allows us to mold, and impact the energy around us allowing us to create, and give birth to new entities, consciousnesses, and constructs. This post serves as a list of different forms of creation based on intent, energy, and thought. It will start at the purest form, and work its way down to the more complicated constructs that can exist through the simple use of intent, and energy.

Programmed Energy:

Programmed energy is energy that has had intent, or emotion placed into it, so that it can be used to carry out a goal, or bring that specific energy into a situation. These programmed constructs of energy usually do not have any cognitive function, and are just the pure essence of the intent, or emotion that was placed into them. All forms of energy have some form of programming in them except for pure source energy. Programmed energy takes on the traits, and purpose of the intent, or emotion, and is the most basic form of energy that shows some form of consciousness. There are many different various ways energy can be programmed, or take on some form of programming. These programs can even be rewritten, or transmuted by other energies, or consciousnesses.

How to program energy:


A poltergeist is an entity that is created from non expressed high emotional feelings. These high emotional feelings usually manifest into a poltergeist by accident, and the person who creates them might not even know that they did create one. They are usually accidentally created by practitioners, or people who do not know they have a psychic gift. These entities are usually led by the intention of the high emotions, and are just made up of a high amount of programmed energy. They really don’t have much of a consciousness though, and they just pulled in the direction of the intent that they were created from.

More on Poltergeist :


Sigils in general are a type of symbol that are filled with a specific intent in order to be charged, and activated. Sigils can be pretty much anything as long as they can be filled with intent, and can be charged, and activated in order to manifest the intent. Sigils are assigned a specific intent, and then are given energy to use in order to further that intent. They are more advanced than simple programmed energy, because they act more as a producer of certain energies. As they are charged they transmute that energy into whatever the intent wants it to be, so that it can be used to fulfill its purpose. As you can see this makes them more like small intricate machines that are created for a certain purpose. In essence there are a lot more like simple servitors, and do not exactly have a complicated consciousness, but you can see the framework for an entity to start to form from the simple framework of a sigil.

How to make a sigil:


Servitors are an entity that is created from the energies, and intentions of a practitioner. They are entities that are commonly used to serve, or perform some form of task for usually the person who creates them. These entities are quite a lot more complicated then just some simple programmed energy, or sigil. These entities are usually given personalities, character traits, spiritual forms, names, housing, and a purpose. These entities usually release their energy in order to perform their purpose, because of this these entities need to take in energy into themselves in order to feed, so that they can continue to exist. They are most of the time subservient to the person who created them, but they do show a level of consciousness, and have even been shown to act upon it and go rogue at times. They are practically the beginning to a new simple entity that has been created simply through programmed energy, and intent. Though these entities usually do not have a lot of free will it has been documented that they can gain more of it, and learn to become self-sufficient.

How to make a servitor:


Tulpas are an entity created primarily through thought alone, and usually do not have housing. They are actually quite a lot like servitors in many ways, but they have been known to have a lot more free will, and are not usually assigned a overarching purpose. These entities usually take very intense focus to create, and are kept alive through feeding, and continuous attention in order to give it energy so that it can continue to exist. They have quite a lot of free will because they usually are not assigned purposes at least not in the same way servitors are. They are more like equal companions, and friends that just happened to be attached to you, and your mind.

How to make a Tulpa :


Egregores are thought forms that are created by the combined collective consciousness of a group of people. These will always form whenever a group comes together to further the same goal, and are like hive minds of energies for a specific group. These egregores still need to be maintained in order to grow more powerful, and to continue on existing separately of the consciousnesses that created it. Egregores are greatly influenced by the group of community members that are a part of it, and it builds its personality, essence, energy, and ideals off what the sum of them are thinking, intending, and releasing into the world. Egregores have pretty much complete free will, because they are not bound, or created in particular really by people. Their ideals, and intend come directly from the collective consciousness of all the people that are in the group, and will influence what they do, look like, and even act like. If these entities are greatly cared for they will eventually become powerful enough to exist without the consciousness, or energies of the group, and can continue on their own without them. Egregores can be created consciously if the group is aware of it, or in most cases will be created unconsciously of the group. Groups that are aware of it, and our magical practitioners of any type will usually create even stronger egregores when they come together, and if the egregores do eventually get strong enough they will take on a complete life of their own.


Godforms are very powerful, and free willed entities. they usually evolve from one of the other constructs of programmed energy, and will become a godform when they finally become powerful enough to sustain life on their own. These entities are very independent, and do have their own consciousnesses, personality, character traits, spiritual forms, beliefs, ideals, and morals. Once an entity reaches this state, they don’t need whoever, or whatever created them, and are completely unique, powerful, individuals. They can do whatever they wants to, but they usually hold their dominion over an aspect of something, and are worshipped, and/or fed by people in order to get stronger. They’re practically gods that were created like other types of thought forms but are known for being a lot stronger.


The things that can be created from our intent, and energies can greatly affect the world around us. Our creations a very powerful even if we do not know it, and we have a responsibility to understand what we are capable of doing. Intent and energy can be a powerful tool if we know how to use it correctly.

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