Crystal grids are geometric patterns that are laid out in crystals, which are used to create certain effects. These crystal grids act like little crystal communities that work together by mixing there energies, and releasing that energy into the universe. Crystal grids can be quite complex, or simple depending upon what you’re trying to achieve with the energies of the crystals you are using. There are a couple of different ways people make there crystal grids, but the structure is usually the same. This structure is made of a main stone, the way stones, and the grid. This structure is usually present in every crystal grid.

The main stone:

The main stone is the crystal in the very center of the grid. It is also call the focus stone, center stone, and the crystal generator. These crystals are the main base energy that permeates your entire crystal grid, and mix with the other crystals to create your desired effect. These crystals also call down energies from the universe to used throughout the crystal grid, and are usually standing point crystals. They are like the heart, and control center of the crystal grid, and must be chosen with care.

The way stones:

The way stones are the crystals that surround the main stone, and modify the energy of the main stone to get it closer to your desired result. Depending upon how big your grid is will determine how many layers of way stones you will have. Way stones do not have to be all the same crystal, but can be a mixture of many different kinds of crystals in order to have energy diversity, so that the crystal grid can affect many different aspects of your life. They are like the kingdom the king rules over, and will follow the main stones example, while also adding some of their own flavor.

The grid:

The grid is a symbol, a sigil, a glyph, or sacred geometry that the main stones, and way stones are laid upon in order to give it a path for the energy to travel. The grid is also able to make changes to the energy of the crystal grid depending upon what grid you use. This would be like using the pentagram for a crystal grid to gain protection, and elemental energy, or using the flower of life as a grid for more of a universal energy. The grid you pick can direct your energy as much as the main stone, and the way stones. So picking one that is in line with your crystal grid can further strengthen your crystal grid. The grid is like the land of a kingdom, and will lead all the crystal’s energy into situations to work with each other.

How to make a crystal grid:

1) First thing you’ll need to do is find all of your materials. You will need many different types of crystals with the metaphysical properties that you would like to use in your Crystal grid. This includes your main stone, and all your way stones. This is also when you will need to pick, and get a physical representation of the grid you are going to use. This grid should do with the metaphysical properties of the crystal grid you are going to create. You should do some research on symbols, and geometry that you could use for your crystal grid to get your certain desired effects. A thing you will also need is an energy directing tool such as a wand, athame, or another crystal to be used later in creating your crystal grid, by connecting crystals together energetically. You need to collect all of your materials before you start building your crystal grid.

2) Next we will begin by laying out the physical representation of the grid you have chosen to use for your crystal grid. You need to lay out your crystal grid in an area where the energies of the crystal grid will be beneficial to the purpose of a it’s energy. So if it is a crystal grid that is focused to help you, you would want to construct it somewhere that you reside in a lot.

3) Once you find a location to place your crystal grid, you should begin to lay your crystals upon its starting with the main stone, and working your way out from that with the way stones. The main stone will be placed most of the time in the middle of the crystal grid. The way stones are usually placed around the main stone on the points of the grid. If you are using many different types of way stones in your crystal grid I would recommend to always have the crystal grid be symmetrical, or at least harmonious so the energies stay in balance. Your crystal grid should now have already been placed in a spot in which it will be beneficial, and had its crystals lied upon it in a specific order according to its grid.

4) The final step is to connect your crystals together energetically by taking your energy directing tool you got back in the material step, and drawing energy lines from one crystal to the next connecting them all together in one giant lattice. When you do this you should visualize your personal power coming from the tip of your energy directing tool, and see in your minds eye beams connecting all the crystals. This will allow your crystals to start working, and will mark the beginning of your crystal grid activation. Your crystal grid is now ready to help you with its energies, and will continue to do so until you take it down.

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