Every crystal has its unique spirit. This spirit can be communicated with, and worked with to build a stronger connection with that stone and to get more out of it during your magickal workings that it is involved in. Crystal spirits can be wise, and knowledgeable on the energies of their stone which can be great assets when trying to understand and work with a particular stone, since these beings know the ins, and outs of what is technically their body they can give you tips on how to work with them better. These spirits are always usually friendly and are only usually intense if it is a type of intense stone. Crystal spirits of the same type of crystal may have similar personalities, but there will always be things that make them stand out, and be unique from the other crystal spirits in its crystal type. Crystal spirits can be communicated with through channeling, divination, and meditation.

1) First, you need to find a crystal that you would like to communicate with. This can be any type of crystal. This crystal should be a medium, or large-sized since larger crystals are easier to communicate with, because they possess more energy, and have a louder voice, so to speak. It is also preferred to use crystals of calmer energies such as crystals in the color spectrum of white, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Once you have the crystal you would like to communicate with you can move on to the next step.

2) Next, you want to take the crystal in your power hand. Now you want to enter a meditative state to get into a better place to send and receive messages. You want to feel into the crystal’s energies, and merger energy with their energy, so that you can form a strong connection. Then you want to call out to the spirit of the crystal by saying in your head, or out loud something along the lines of “Spirit of the crystal I wish to communicate with you.”, or “I want to feel your essence.” Once you do this be prepared to receive any messages. These messages can come in the form of pictures in the mind, clairaudient sounds, or even thoughts, and ideas. Sometimes these messages may not come right away, and you may need to wait for them, so wait in your meditative state to see what comes to you. You can ask these spirits questions, or ask them for help in your practice. The more communication you do with the stone the bigger relationship, and bond you will make.

3) Once you’re done communicating with the crystal spirit say “thank you for communicating with me” and allow them to ease back into their crystal home. Then slowly pull yourself out of the meditative, and realign yourself with the physical world. Once you do this you can go on with the rest of your day.

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