Not trying to offend anybody through this list of words, and definitions. I just thought this would be educational, and I found it quite interesting after running into these terms a couple times. It’s always very interesting to take a look at thought processes, and the way they form opinions of others. If you have anything to add I encourage you to comment, and add them to help us gain a better understanding of the magickal community’s derogatory terms.

List of derogatory terms that I have ran into in the magickal community:

Once-Born – This was originally used to refer to Christians that became born again. It’s a way of saying that this is your first incarnation, but it implies that you do not have knowledge, wisdom, or skill. The opposite of this would be Twice-Born.

Cowan – A non-witch, or a non-initiate. A word that was used for people non initiated into the craft, or for people that were not quote on quote “real witches”. This also pertain  to people that we’re not believed to be doing “real magick”.

Warlock – A betrayer, traitor, or oath-breaker. Someone who has betrayed their craft, or coven.

Heretic – Somebody who believes in a belief that is not in the majority belief established in a custom, tradition, or culture.

Mundanes – This term is meant to refer to people that know nothing of magick, or the occult.

Muggles – This term is originally from Harry Potter, but was eventually used by some chaos magicians, some pop culture witches, and some people new to the community. This term is meant to refer to people that know nothing of magick, or the occult, and do not use, or experience it.

McWiccan – A person that does not belong to a specific tradition, or lineage of Wicca. Who brings in a bunch of different random other traditions into their religious working. They do pretty much whatever they feel like, while calling themselves a Wiccan.

Cafeterian – Used to refer to a person that practices a certain religion that picks, and chooses certain dogmas that they want to follow, while not practicing others.

Playgan- This is used to refer to a person that is only a pagan to fit their self-image. These people usually aren’t too into the pagan belief system besides the title, and are known for being fake pagans. The name is made of the words play, and pagan.

Party Pagans – This is used to refer to pagans that are only in it for the celebrations, holidays, and parties.

Paganazi – Used to refer to a person that takes their Pagan beliefs too far in which they end up hating all other religions.

Blood Junkie – This term refers to a sanguinarian vampire that can not control their thirst for blood.

Leech, or Parasite – Usually used to refer to a sanguinarian vampire, psi-vampire, or emotional vampire for the act of just being a vampire.

Crafty – A person that started learning magick, and the occult because of the movie The Craft. These people are said to build their complete philosophy, and belief system around the movie.

DIEanic (spelled with the capitalization) – Usually used to refer to witches, or wiccans that hate, or have a strong bias against men usually in a extreme circumstance.

Green Meanie, or Tree hugger – A spiritual radical environmentalist. It is used to refer to a practitioner that uses their spirituality only as a way to push their doctrine of obsessive environmentalism.

Fluffy bunny, or fluffies – A fake wiccan, and sometimes used to refer to a fake pagan, or fake witch. Someone who knows nothing about the religion, or craft, and only tries to take the title because they think it’s cool, or are trying to follow a fad.

Cookbook Witch – A witch that only uses spells, and rituals that are made by someone else. These witches are said to not have any prior training, or understanding of how magick works. They just follow everything exactly without understanding the more intricate parts of spell work, and ritual. This term is named this, because the acts the witches portray are a lot like doing a recipe out of a cookbook.

IRALOB, or I read a lot of books – A person that thinks they know everything, because they have read a various assortment of books, or articles.

Insta-Witch, IRAB, or I read a book – A witch that reads a book, or article on a subject, and automatically thinks they are an “expert” on it.

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