Egregores are a type of thought form. The word egregore comes from French literally meaning spirit of the group, and also meant watcher angel in the Book of Enoch. These egregores are constructed, and programmed from the energy, and intent of a group, or collective that share something in common. These entities can be made voluntarily, or involuntarily, and will exist much like other thought-forms, while feeding off of the energy, and intent that the group gives them by interacting with the purpose of the group.

Egregores start out weak, but with enough energy, and intention they can exist even after the group has disbanded, allowing them to continue on existing, and push for the agenda of the group, even if there is no one else to push with it. These entities act like hive minds, overseers, and guardians for the group, and the egregore will act upon the intentions, the thoughts, and the feelings of the group to push their agenda. The egregore’s appearance, and personality will be made from the perceptions of the group, and how it would like to look based on its knowledge, and understandings. Egregores have pretty much complete free will, and will do pretty much however they please, but they are greatly connected to the group that creates them, so mostly everything that they do will be centered around it. Egregores are formed pretty much anytime a group comes together for a certain goal, but egregores that are voluntarily created, and are known to exist will become very powerful, and can be interacted with to further the group’s ideologies, and practices. Groups do not have to be big in order to have an egregore. Egregores can be created in any form of group as long as there is more than one person.

Egregores are influenced by the members of their groups, and the members of the groups are influenced by the egregore. It is a give-and-take symbiotic relationship, that allows both of them to work towards their goals. The egregore is also the energy that surrounds the group, and is the first thing that you feel when interacting with said group. It will permeate throughout its members, and will be ever present, while also watching out for the well-being of the group. All you need to do in order to create an egregore is to have a group that consciously come together to push for one common purpose. That’s all there is to it, and based how hard everyone pushes towards that goal will determine how much energy, and intent is put into the egregore. This is a very important understanding to have in order to understand group thought-forms, and how they interact with the world around them along with the people that reside within these groups.

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