When I first discovered emoji spells I did not understand how these emojis could be used for magick, but through more research, and learning I learned that emoji spells could not only work in a magickal way, but were brilliant, and had adapted Certain magickal techniques into a whole new form of magick that could be used in this new generation. So what are emoji spells? Emoji spells are a line of instant messaging emojis that are used to express a practitioners will. These lines of emojis are usually charged, and cast much like traditional sigil magick. These emoji spells can be used for any type of situation that you would like to use magick to solve, such as bringing luck, protection, or happiness, among many other things in to your life. Emoji spells have been growing in popularity, and even though some practitioners are completely against them, it seems that they are here to stay.

Emoji spells work through the same sort of principles as sigils do, this being the grouping of emojis working as the sigil in this case. This line of emojis will be made of emojis that focus on the overall intent of the emoji spell. This being things such as using the happy face emoji to bring happiness, or using the money with wings emoji to bring money into your life.  It is the combination of the energies, and the meanings of the emojis that mix together to make the base intention for the emojis spell. All you need to do is charge the emoji spell with energy, and then casted into the universe.

This charging was usually done via the like button, and reblog button on Tumblr, where these were originally created. Usually the like button representing charging the Emoji Spell, and the reblogging button for casting the emoji spell. Though this primary method has been criticized for extorting likes, and reblogs, they could be charged using any form of charging method much like a Sigil.

There is a plethora of emoji spells floating out, and around the internet that you can charge, and cast, but you should always feel free to make your own emoji spells.

How to make emoji spells:

1) First you need to think of a purpose for your emoji spell. Like I said before this can be literally anything as long as the energy of the spell would be able to carry it out.

2) Next you’ll want to choose emojis that represent your overall intent, and arrange them in any specific order you would like. This order should most likely be visually pleasing, and have somewhat of a rhythm to it.  Most emoji spells have a rhythm of a Palindrome, and will start, and end with the same thing. You can use the same emoji as many times as you would like, and feel free to be creative. The emojis do not matter as much as the intent that is placed upon them.

3) Now we are going to need to charge it. If you choose to post the emoji spell somewhere charging can be done through the like button. This will make it so every time that the like button is pressed your emoji spell will be charged with that person’s energy, making your emoji spell build up energy so that it may be cast for its intended purpose. This could also be charged through the act of typing out the emojis spell before you send it. This charge can also come from other charging methods that would be normally used for sigils. Such as putting energy into it or just allowing people to see it can give your emoji spell a charge.

4) Finally the last thing you need to do is casted into the universe. Again if it is online you can always do this through the reblog button, and anytime a person presses the reblog button it will be cast out for them. If it is not online you can always send it to someone, or yourself resulting in a physical, and spiritual casting out of your emoji spell.

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