Empaths are people that are deeply in tune, and have the ability to feel other entities’ emotions, and mental states. Being an empath can be incredibly useful, and beneficial. Whether you are born with it, or you learn it sometimes it can, become out of control if you do not know how to work with it. Determining if you are empathetic is easy. Likely if you are empathic you already know because it has affected your life in some way, or another. This could be as easy as not wanting to be around crowds because of the high amount of energies in the air, or absolutely hating angry people, because of their emotions imprinting upon your spirit. All empaths really have to do to overcome these situations they are placed in is to learn how to shield properly from the harsh energies of everyone else around them. The shields do not have to be up all the time. Only when the empath would be feeling that they’re being overwhelmed by energies they cannot handle. Shielding themselves would be as easy as casting a circle around themselves, or envisioning a ball of light to surround them. Being empathic is not all bad an also has great benefits like being able to read people to figure out what they’re planning, before even they know themselves. Learning to feel into the subtle energies around you either through rigorous training, or through innate ability will allow you to see the world in a different light. One where you are more connected with your immediate environment in such a way that you can communicate with it.

Empathic Energy Work:

This is energy work using mostly energies in many different ways, and you will most likely need to be an empath, or at least a little empathic to use these techniques to their full potential.

1) Reading into people, and energy:

Since empaths are very sensitive to energies they can identify certain negative energies by simply feeling into them. Being able to see many of unseen problems before they ever arise, and eventually with enough understanding of different types of energies they would be able to even find the root of the problem. To do this type of empathetic energy work all you need is to be completely open to the other person’s energies. Try to enter a altered state of consciousness if possible, and focus on the person’s very being. Then wait for feelings, messages, or signs to be revealed to you through your emotions. By doing empathic energy working you will learn to distinguish between many different types of energies. These energies will allow you to tell what the person is feeling, or thinking. These energies must be interpreted by you in order for you to read the person. The meanings, and feelings of the energies can differ from person to person, and are quite unique to the person who is reading them. One must learn how they read energy by practicing through trying to read energy.

2) Sensing the presence of entities.

The world around an empathic person is constantly communicating with them on an energetic level. They can feel the emotional energies of the place they are in, and can pick out even the smallest parts that are difference from their environment. This level of awareness can be used, and harnessed to be able to find, and notice general things in your environment that may be intruding. or hidden. It would be alot like playing hide, and seek, and then sensing energy radiating from under the bed leading you straight to the person that was hiding there, because of the emotions they were feeling at the time. Simply by opening yourself, and letting down your shield will instantly make you more susceptible to people in the emotional energy they release in order for you to locate them, and understand their being.

3) Feeling into emotional energy imprint.

Emotional energy leaves imprints on the environment that can be tracked. and resonated with to gain certain information that would be outside normal perception. This is like touching something from like 1942, and then feeling all the history, and emotions it was surrounded by, then figuring out it was used in some way in world war II. All you need to feel into emotional energy imprint is to find an object with a rich history, and hold it in your power hand, unless you’re not allowed to touch it then you should hover your hand over it. Then close your eyes, and enter a altered state of consciousness. Once in a altered state of consciousness try to see what emotion stick out to you, see if its energy is trying to communicate anything to you, and allow yourself to be completely open towards whatever it is trying to say. Through this, and your understanding of different energies you should be able to piece together a brief history of the item, and the energies that have been surrounding it.

4 )Empathic healing

Once an empath has discovered a negative emotional energy they can choose to heal it by sending positive energy to balance, and counteract the negative energy. Energy can be sent by thinking of good, happy, and positive thoughts, and then seeing them projected towards the source of the negative emotional energy. Empaths are especially good at healing this way, because they are very connected to the energies on such a high spiritual level. Allowing them to make very precise projections of certain energies.

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