Basic enchantment:

Enchanting items is the act of charging items with specific energy for them to take on the aspects of that energy. This can be useful in situations where you want your magick to be cast in more of a passive way over a long period. It is a lot like giving the energy of purpose and putting the purpose into an item to be used later. This energy radiates off the item granting its effects, and energies to the entities nearest to it. These items can be programmed to carry out specific purposes. They can be told to emanate their energies only in certain situations, or even have multiple effects they switch between. These items also need power sources to work out their goals. This can be done through the act of charging them or having them draw on a certain energy form to charge themselves. Though the item usually is set to draw upon the energy of the person, it can be programmed to draw upon anything in its environment. This can be things such as emotions, negative energy, positive energy, a certain element, other entities, and much, much more. The items will take in these energies, and use them to cast magick with the intent that you had imprinted upon it. This item would then be known as enchanted and would be a very powerful tool in your magickal working.

Focusing tool:

Items could also not have power sources and be used more as a focusing tool. By directing your energy through the item, the intent of the object will then be cast out into the universe. These items are a lot less passive and are a lot more active, and these items are like staffs and wands. They are used at a certain time when you mean to use them and are conduits to make your magick stronger.

Blessed Items:

Items can be made enchanted by asking a god, goddess, or deity to bless it for you. Allowing them to take it into their favor, and to use their energy to act their will upon the world. These items are powerful because they are connected to a deity that has more power than you do. The blessed item can only really be used following the deity’s will. For it uses their energy and is programmed by them making it a pretty viable, and useful item to possess and wield.

Entity Bound Items:

Items can also have thoughtforms or spirits bounded to them for the entity to act out the will of the possessor. Since these items call upon the power of an entity they do not need a power source and will feed off the entity itself. The power of the item will be dictated by how strong the entity is. Some entities are forced to do this, but others are not, and use it more as a housing. These entities can also act as companions that you can send out into the world to do your will.

The enchanting process:

To go about enchanting an item you must first find what you would like to enchant. This can be any item, but you should pay attention to the metaphysical properties of that item, because they may be brought in to the effect of the enchantment. Once you find the item you should cleanse it to provide yourself with a pure canvas in which to work. You can use any of your favorite cleansing methods for this task just as long as it gets cleaned completely. Next, you’ll want to choose what you would want to use the enchanted item for. This can be for such things as luck, protection, binding, warding, love, success, etc. Once all that is settled take your item and find a place where you will not be disturbed. You will want to put up some magical protection such as a magick circle, or a psychic bubble of protection. Then you want to sit with the item and meditate for a bit on the type of enchantment that you are going to give it.

You should do this for at least 5 minutes to get a good understanding of the intent, and energies you want to put upon the item. If you are doing a blessed item, or an entity bound item now would be a good time to call upon the entity. Once you understand the exact specifications of the intent and energies you would like to impose upon the item, and you are going to be doing basic enchantment, or a focus tool you can then begin to greatly in vision it in your mind’s eye as a ball of energy. Then you need to take this ball of energy and push it into the item. To imprint that energy upon it. If you are blessing an item at this time you can ask your deity to bless it. You could also maybe even anointed with some holy substance. After that, you should make an offering to your deity for blessing the item for you. If you are binding an entity to the item, and the entity is cool with it, asking them to bind themselves to the item is all you would need. But, if they are not cool with it you can always force them to be bound into the item my first catching them, and transferring them into the item. Once you have the energy inside the item you must send the item some energy instructions through intent to make the item more sophisticated. These instructions would be things like what energy to feed on if any, will it always be activated, and anything else you can think of to make your magical item work for you. After this, your magickal item is done, and you can thank any entities that helped you. Then undo your protection, and go on your way with your new magickal item.


  1. So i aciddently enchanted an item that is very close to me when i was a child. I still own the Doll and the enchantment still works, is it possible to edit or change the enchantment if its bound to me? (Protection Enchantment)


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