Energetic blockages are energetic barricades that get in the way of your energy, and do not allow it to flow properly. Energetic blockages are created through various different means such as, but not limited to negative energy, negative thoughts, and feelings, self doubt, curses, being too open, or too closed, and many other things along those lines. These energetic blockages can form in any spot in your energetic body, and will not allow your spiritual energy to flow smoothly, or even at all. This can unbalance your energy centers. This can lead to a myriad of different problems depending on where the energy blockage is located. For example if an energy blockage formed around, or in your throat energy center you will have a harder time communicating, or expressing yourself. It may even take the forms of more physical ailments such as a sore neck, or headache.

One way to find out if you have an energy blockage is to scan your body. To do this all you need to do is take your projecting, or power hand, and run it over spots on your body, while you project energy, and feel into your aura. When you come to a spot that is energy blocked you will feel a different sensation than the rest of your body. This could be felt as a more dense, and compact place of energy, or it could be like a bunch of energy moving insanely quickly in every direction. You might not even spiritually feel it, but much rather get a sense that something is not right in this area. Another way to find energy blockages is that you will usually be able to feel them when you have them, since certain ailments are caused by them. This could be a whole plethora of different things, and could lead you to the source of the energy blockage via what it is screwing up.

You can clear these energy blockages through spiritual practices such as meditation, reiki, yoga, tai chi, qi gong, acupuncture, and many other varying types of spiritual practices. Certain gemstones, and crystals can also help you clear energy blockages in your body based on the energy they emit. All you have to do is look up stones that are connected with the specific part of your body where you think the energy blockage is located. Some stones that would be good for healing energy blockages would be fluorite, black tourmaline, bloodstone, green calsite, and shungite. Once you obtain the stones keep them near you so there energy can be absorbed into your body. If stones are not your thing you can always use herbs to unblock the energy blockages in your body. These can be burned, eaten, or turned into oils to anoint certain parts of your body. Some herbs that are overall good for energy blockages are herbs like basil, sage, rosemary, clove, and lavender. To prevent energetic blockages before they happen the practitioner should take special care to always shield, and ground themselves when it is needed. It is very easy for these blockages to occur when you are unbalanced, or under some form of stress. Learning how to control this may help you to reduce the amount of energy blockages you get.

Energetic blockages are a common occurrence that all practitioners should be aware of. Most of the time these blockages are more minor inconveniences, and do not do much to impede your life, but learning how to control and get rid of them is a very useful skill anyone can benefit from.

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