Energetic burnout occurs when you have been using way too much of your own personal spiritual energy to such a high amount that you start to feel physically, spiritually, and mentally exhausted, and may even lose the ability for a short time to do types of energy work that draw specifically from your energy. This may give you headaches, fatigue, body aches, and much more symptoms depending on the person, and how much energy they have expended. When you are in an energetic burnout your energy will come back to you in normal means just through the continuation of life, but you can work yourself out of this state if you desire. To work your way out of an energetic burn out quickly you would need to take in more spiritual energy. This can be done through various different energy gathering methods such as keeping high vibrational stones next to you, burning certain herbs, grounding, centering, absorbing energy from other constructs, consumption of food, sleeping, and a plethora of  other different things. Energetic burnout is a thing that practitioners run into at least once on their path, and it’s something everyone should be aware of.

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