Fate, and destiny are two words that everyone seems to use synonymously with each other even though these words do not refer to the same concept. It is very important to understand the differences of these two constructs, so you can better understand how they work, and fit into the greater whole of things. In this article we will be going over both of their definitions, and a little bit of information about both of them in order to better shed light on how they are different from each other. Some people may not believe in either of these, but I can assure you they do affect you even if you are not aware of it. Hopefully you can take something away from this to help you in your practice, and your understandings.

Fate :

Fate is something that is going to happen in the future usually because of a choice you made, or one someone else did. Fate is like the lines that connect the act of cause, and effect. These fates makeup many branching paths in our experiences, and can change by the slightest change to our choices. Fate can be chosen, if one can see where they are supposed to choose. Over the years fate has gotten a lot more negative connotation then the word destiny, and because of this a lot of people actually see fate as the negative version of destiny. Fate can be quite predictable at times, and can even be seen through the use of divination tools, but fate does have a very unpredictable nature because of how easily it can be change. Simply by knowing that you will be walking down a certain fate can change that fate into a completely different fate. This makes these fates very volatile, and uncontrollable at times depending upon the choices that the world around us makes.

Destiny :

Destiny is something that is going to happen in the future regardless of anything you do or anyone else does. Destiny is seen to be out of your control, and cannot be changed. It is written in stone, and whatever is supposed to happen will happen one way, or another. Destiny has yours or the universe’s best interest at heart when a destiny is assigned to you, which has given the word a lot more positive of a connotation over the years. This is different than fate, because it is more like a fate that one would not be able to avoid, So really destiny is just a hardcore version of fate. Many things can bring on a sort of predetermined destiny for you from the universe wanting you to do something, to your higher self putting you in a specific path, along with many other situations that could result in a form of destiny. It is important not to fight against one’s destiny, and to align with it, so that you can swim with the current of the universe.

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