Learning to feel energy inside, and outside your body is a very important skill that will allow you to do many things in your practice. This is a very fundamental skill everyone can learn, and gain something from. This will help you better work with energy, so that you can use it more effectively in your practice, and craft. In order to feel energy one must only focus, and look for it. This is an ability everyone can do, even if you have never done it, or even considered it before.

How to internally feel energy:

In order to feel energy inside your body you should probably do some steps like:

1) First you’re going to need to focus on your body, and enter a meditative state while focusing on it. You might want to do this with your eyes closed, but you can do this with your eyes open, if you would like. The objective here is to just become aware of your body.

2)  Next with your newfound awareness of your body you need to see, if you can’t feel, and identify any sensations that you usually do not feel, when you’re not focused on your body’s internal workings. This sensation may come in the form of tingles, heat, cold, magnetic pushing, or many others depending on the entity. Once you feel it you will know it, because It will feel very distinct to you. This will be your ki. If you’re having trouble doing this you can always focus on one area of your body that you would want your ki to be in, and you could try to tell it to go there, so you can feel it. Once you are able to feel energy within your body it is so much easier to work with. this may take different amounts of time for certain people to get a hang of it, but it is okay if you cannot at this moment.  As long as you keep with it you will eventually receive results.

3) Once you are able to feel the energy, you need to better yourself at feeling it, and moving it around. You can do this by telling the energy in your mind to go to certain places in your body so that you can feel it there. Energy manipulation is like a muscle, and it must be trained in order for it to get stronger. So this will help you build up strength, and to be able to move it throughout your body. This will help you in many different other techniques that you might run into, if you continue to do energy manipulation, or energy work.

4) When you are done simply stop focusing on your body, and return to the world with your new understanding of the energy that is flowing throughout your body.

How to externally feel energy:

In order to feel energy outside your body you should probably do some steps like:

1) First you are going to want to enter a meditative state where you are completely calm, and relaxed. You might want to shut your eyes, or keep them open depending on where you are in correlation to the place where you will be feeling external energy.

2) Next you’re going to want to stick your hand out, or some other receiver, so you have a place that you can feel into the energy with. This is not necessary, but it does help for people doing it for the first couple times. This helps you out because there are receiving charkras inside the palms of your hands that are very sensitive, and can allow you to feel all types of energies. This can come quite in handy when trying to do exercises like this.

3) Now you want to focus on the energy surrounding your hand, or body by simply focusing on all the surroundings. You are looking to see if you can’t feel any sensation coming from the world around you. This can be pretty much anything depending on the person. You are looking for such things as tingles, heat, cold, magnetic pushing, etc. These will usually feel very different from your everyday environment not, because there are new but, because you have not focused on them. Once you find one of these energies, if you focus on them for a extended period of time you will feel in to them, and be able to tell more about their energy by getting thoughts, feelings, and sensations.

4) Once you are done exploring the energies around you, you can simply leave the meditative state, and return to your daily lives.

Here are some other exercises that may help you in feeling and working with energy in your body:

Ki Ball

Psi Wheel

Spiritual Energy Scanning

Compressing Psi Energy

Pushing, And Pulling Energy

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