Focal meditation is another simple meditation with a lot to teach you. Focal meditation is like void meditation. They both teach willpower, control, focus, and intent, but focal meditation can give you insight into objects, people, ideas, and situations. Focal meditation is went you pick one thing to focus on for the whole meditation. Sitting, and focusing on one subject for a extended period of time can bring you closer to it. This would allow you to gain understanding, and work with the subject on a more spiritual level.

1. First you need to pick a topic to meditate on. This can be anything, and everything. Just pick something you want to know better. Most people actually start out with a candle flame, or an idea they have.

2. Find a comfortable spot where you will not be disturbed. Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. Sit, or lay in your spot depending on your meditation preference. Here is where you also should center, ground, and cast a circle, or use some other protection method.

3. Next you will want to close your eyes, or you can keep them open if you have the object to focus upon. Visualize your topic as clearly as you can. if it is more of a idea visualize the act of it, or things that have to do with it. Totally embrace, and connect with your topic as much as you can. Feel as if it was a part of you. Take it in to the very soul of your being. Allow your self to explore new ideas, and different point of views about your topic to stretch your understanding. Feel your own thoughts, and emotions on the topic. Remember knowledge is power, and knowledge gains you the power over the things you have knowledge on. Stay in this state of communion with your topic as long as you would like to. Once you are done move to the next step.

4. Once you are done slowly come back to the waking world. Open your eyes, and undo your circle, or undo your other protection method. Then go among your day.

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