A gem elixir is water that is infused with the energy of different types of crystals to produce a certain effect. This process can also be called crystal essences, or crystal waters. These gem elixirs can be used in order to bring certain energies into, and around your body. Gem elixirs can be ingested, sprayed, or used to anoint things, and have an unlimited range of effects and benefits they can provide. This will allow you to take in certain energies that you might need, or require at any given time in your life. They can be used for such things as healing, protection, increasing your psychic abilities, gaining more spiritual energy, and stamina, and much, much more depending upon what type of crystal use. Making gem elixirs is a remarkably simple, and useful magical practice that anyone who has their hands on crystals can do, and benefit from. Some practitioners like to do place their crystals within the water though this practice can be unsafe, and unsanitary, and you will be able to get the same effects by indirectly placing them around the water.

1) The first thing you will need to do is to get your materials. You will need types of crystals you wish to use the energy from, water, and a clear see-through container to hold said water. A lot of people like to use natural spring water, or well water, because it is closer to the Earth. When choosing your crystal it is important to choose crystals that do not dissolve in water, and are not toxic. Any gemstone with the suffix “ite” or “chite” is should not be used due to the fact that they dissolve in water, and it may be dangerous to have them close to the water.

2) Next you’re going to want to put the crystals next to the water, so that the water can start to absorb the energy of the crystals.  This will still Infuse the water with the spiritual essence of the crystals. You can also add clear quartz crystal to the outside of any elixir that you are making to increase the effect of all other crystals in the elixir.

3) Whenever you would like to use your gem elixir you can always go get it from where it was collecting energy, or you can move it to a different type of container to store it, and save it for later. Your elixir is now ready to be used whenever you would like, and can be brought into other forms of magickal practices.

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