Ghost are disembodied humans, or other animals that have not crossed over that are still attached to the earth in some form, or way. Ghost usually become attached to the earthly plane if they die with unfinished business, very suddenly, or if they died in a very negative way. Depending on how the person or animal dies can also affect whether, or not the ghost knows it’s dead. These entities are not always malevolent, and even can be quite friendly at times depending on various parts of their own unique personalities, and the death that they experienced. These entities are usually attached to a place, object, or person to keep them grounded in this plane of existence usually in the area where they died at. These places, objects, or people are usually referred to as haunted. Some ghost sightings have been recorded as one offs in which there was no haunted object, person, or place in the vicinity that the entity could have been connected to.

These entities usually appear as accurate manifestations of a person, or animal when they die, and ghost people are usually reported to be wearing clothes. People have reported these entities as looking like solid figures, or wispy figures, and some ghosts have even been reported as just disembodied limbs. These entities can be communicated with, and are intelligent, and are most of the time conscious of their decisions.  These entities can be detected by a different assortment of ways. practitioners can usually feel the energies all around them allowing them to detect and work with ghost on a different level. These practitioners may even have the ability to see them clearly in their minds eye, or even through their physical ones. These entities usually also produce a difference in temperature that usually results in cold spots, or heat spots that can be detected by infrared cameras, or even a sensation by either of these temperatures. These entities have also been known to produce an amount of electromagnetic energy which can be tracked if you have a EMP reader. Ghosts are corporeal, and have the ability to flow through objects, and walls. It has been reported that they choose to use the door, or openings when they can. It said the most common time for a ghost to manifest is during the afternoon. Ghosts are pretty common entities to run into, and should be understood so that they can be helped when you run into them.

Ways to get rid of a ghost:

Here are some ways that you can get rid of a ghost. This list is not complete, but it is a good place to start.

  • Ask them to leave.
  • Ordering them to leave.
  • Help them to cross over. This can be done by finishing their unfinished business.
  • Burning the haunted object
  • Reading passages of psalms as a form of exorcism.
  • Asking a god, goddess, deity, or higher power to get rid of it for you.
  • Banishing ritual such as LBRP, LBRH, or Gnostic Pentagram Ritual.
  • Pushing them into the light with a psychic technique.
  • Burn cleansing, protecting, and banishing herbs.
  • Using crystals that are for cleansing, protecting, and banishing.

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