Hex bags, and mojo bags are personal talisman bags in which you place crystals, herbs, and other objects inside to create a certain specific effect on the universe. Hex bags, and mojo bags are also call medicine bags, mojo bags, charm bags, gri gri bags, conjure bags, trick bags, root bags, along with many other names. They’re a lot like the bag forms of sigils. Hex bags, and mojo bags can be created from many different objects, and material so anyone can make them.

To begin making your hex bag, or mojo bag you will first need to think upon what you want to make it for. Protection, love, luck, or anything you want can be enhanced, or achieved with hex bags, or mojo bags. Once you figure out what you want it to be for you need to begin gathering materials that have to do with that subject. First you would want to procure a bag of some type. Bags are usually chosen for their color in which should represent your intend in color form, but if you can not find a certain color bag you should use a white bag, because white represent the all.
If you were making a Mojo bag for protection you could gather herb such as sage, rosemary, or basil crush them up, and put them into your hex bag, or mojo bag. Putting certain types of rocks, gemstones, and crystals can add energies into the bag. This could be adding them, because they reflect your intent, or because they add something that is also needed in the energies of your life. You could also add high energy vibration stones in order to power up the hex bag, or mojo bag. Another thing you can put inside your bag is essential oils to anoint the inside of your bag with your intent. Some people even write their intention on a piece of paper, and put it inside the hex bag, or mojo bag. This really just solidifies their intent inside of the bag that they are making. At this point you can also add a taglock, and have a piece of you inside of your hex bag, or mojo bag to connect with it on a spiritual level. Once you have all these components inside of your mojo bag seal it in anyway you can to make sure that it is closed.
Hex bags, or mojo bags also have to be charged, or fed usually through methods that are the same, or similar to charging a sigil. These are like putting essential oils inside it, pushing energy in it, breathing life into it, praying over it, placing high vibrational crystals around it, and much more. Once this is done your hex bag, or mojo bag is technically considered to be a living being, and should not be handled by anyone else. You also should never open it up, and take things from the inside. You can even name your mojo bag to build a better connection with it. Some people keep their mojo bags with them for 3 to 7 days to connect it to their energy, and build a bond between each other. You must also continue to charge, and feed your mojo bag weekly to keep its energy strong, and to care for it. Once your mojo bag’s, or hex bag’s job is done you must return it to the earth by burying it in some sort of ritual fashion to allow its energies to go back to the universe. Hex bags, or mojo bags can be quite helpful if used, and taken care of properly.


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