Learning to use, and better your natural telepathic gift can allow you to open yourself to energies that you we’re not aware of previously. You can learn to communicate with, or manipulate people through subtle psychic energies that you send out, or you can learn to pull in energy, and receive messages. This skill takes a lot of training, and focus to make perfect ,and must be practiced vigorously to develop higher levels of telepathic ability. To gain these higher levels in telepathic ability one could use these different types of exercises, and techniques below:


Using telepathic abilities will be quite hard if you do not learn how to quiet, and focus your mind on a single thought, or intent. These meditations do not have to be any specific type of meditation. Just meditations that help you in tune with the energies around you, and open your third eye in order to send, and receive messages. These meditations also do not have to be long but it’s a lot like working out a muscle, so you get out what you put in.

Opening your third eye:

Opening your third eye will allow you to tap into your six sense helping you to develop your psychic abilities including telepathy. The third eye is a energy Center that is located between your eyebrows. You can open your third eye through meditation, certain crystals, or herbs that have to do with the third eye, wearing the color indigo, and much more techniques. A crystal that is great for helping open your third eye is lapis lazuli, and it can be helpful for every other type of psychic pursuit. The third eye is always technically open, but it needs to be opened wider in order for you to perceive messages, and energies.

Zener Cards:

Zener Cards are tools used to develop certain types of psychic abilities. They are just playing cards with certain shapes, and symbols upon them that are simple enough to recall, and send in telepathic messages. In the use of them pertaining to telepathic abilities two people could come together, and train their telepathic abilities through the sending, and receiving of the images placed upon the zener cards. All you need to do is find a partner, and some zener cards. Once you have that you can pick who will be the sender, and who will be the receiver. Then form a psychic link with your partner by entering a meditative state, and visualizing a beam traveling from your third eye to their third eye. The sender will then pick a certain zener card, and then will begin to send it to the receiver by sending it down the beam by focusing upon the image. The receiver then will try to receive the image, and interpreted so that they can pick which zener card it was. Do this a couple times, and then switch roles so that you can experience, and master both of them.

Telepathic Gaze Technique:

The telepathic gaze technique is a technique that I have already explained in a different post. It is a technique in which you send telepathic messages through gaze to people that are in an altered state of Consciousness in order to communicate, or manipulate them.

Natural Telepathic Links:

Everything is connected to each other, but some natural bonds are naturally stronger than others. These can be used to facilitate natural telepathic links that can be use with those pairs of individuals. This natural telepathic connection can be made through certain different situations, and experiences achieved throughout the course of life. These are such things as being a twin with somebody, spending so much time with a person that you build a very strong connection, or being soulmates, or twin flames with someone. These, and some other connections can create these natural telepathic links that can be used for communication.

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