First before we can even handle a rogue servitor we must determine if it has gone rogue. You can usually tell if a servitor is going rogue by the way it is acting. This can be things such as it not obeying your commands, orders, or requests, forcibly rewriting its own energy without you telling it to, or doing it yourself, changing its spiritual appearance on its own, it doing stuff outside its character that you gave it, its energy feeling malevolent, or harmful, it trying to hurt you in any shape or form, and probably many others. If your servitor is showing signs of something like that then it may be going rogue. Rogue servitors can be quite harmful if left unchecked, and it is your duty as the person who created it, or the person who was watching over it to put it down, or reprogram it.

Reprogramming a rogue servitor :

If the rogue servitor is not to far gone, and is not that rogue you can try to enter a meditative state like when you were creating them, and sort of mold them back into the way you originally wanted them to be. After this would also be a good idea to probably feed them, because neglect is one of the main reasons I have seen for why servitors go rogue. If this works then great, you can continue on with your servitor as normal my friends, but if not then you’re going to have to destroy them.

Destroying a rogue servitor :

Okay, so your servitor is way too far gone, and you must destroy it. The first way that would be good to destroy it is to trying to trigger its “self destruct”, or kill switch, that you probably programmed into it before all you have to do is do it, and it will be, but if you did not put one of those in then you will have to do it a more manual way. To do this you’ll have to enter a meditative state in which you will focus upon the  servitor as hard as you can with all of your focus, and willpower. The objective here is to destroy it the same way that you created it. You must see the servitor being destroyed, and returning its energy to source. Transmuting the energy that you use to create the servitor back to its original form releasing the servitor from life. If for some reason you cannot do this the next option would be to banish it using some form of banishing ritual, or spell. I would recommend a lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, because it’s been known to banish pretty much everything. After the rogue servitor has been banished, or destroyed. You must take special care to cleanse, and destroy the housing, out of fear that it could return from the energies that are left. You also probably should not talk about it, and try to forget its name so you cannot recreate it, or call it back to you.

Conclusion :

That’s all there is to it my friend. You should always be ready to destroy a servitor if it ever goes rogue because it does happen my friends. Thank you for reading my friends, and good luck with your servitors.

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