A witches bottle is a protective spell that acts as a decoy for curses. A witches bottle will make the curse go after it instead of its intended target, and once the curse attacks the witches bottle decoy it will be destroyed. A witches bottle can be a good technique when under spiritual attack by any other type of magick practitioner. A witches bottle is very easy to make. Here are the things you will need to make your very own witches bottle.

  • A glass bottle, glass jar , or other glass container with lid. (It should be glass so it does not add any unexpected magickal properties.)
  • Nails, razors, needles, and/or pins. (This stuff will be used to damage the negative energies that are being targeted at you.)
  • Your pee, your blood, your semen, or your spit. (I know unsanitary right! This is why the curses would target the bottle instead of you because these things had your essence in it.)
  • Salt (optional! All it really does is purify the negative energy that is left after.)

Once you have all these ingredients the idea is to take your bottle, and fill it halfway with nails, razors, needles, and/or pins. Then fill the rest of the bottle with something that is from your body technically this could be hair, nail clippings, fecal matter, dandruff, etc… but using solid types of matter can come back to bite. Like if the person that is trying to harm you finds the witches bottle they could hit you with a better curse if they had that stuff from your body. That is why most people choose to use some sort of liquid like pee, blood, semen, or spit. It would be much harder to extract, or use after it was used in the witches bottle. After you have your bodily fluid into the bottle you can add salt if you have chosen to use it, but this is not entirely necessary. Now it’s time to close it up. Remember to place the lid on tight you don’t want most of those things coming back out. Once you have your witches bottle you need to find a place to hide it preferably not too close to where you will be. Remember that supposed to be a decoy. It will attract the negative energy to it instead of you, but if you’re close to it it might just get you anyway. Feel free to get creative with hiding your container, I am sure you’ll think of something. Once you hide it then that’s it you have officially made a witches bottle, and curses will be sent to it instead of you defending you from having to deal with them.

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