Sigils are symbols that are given a certain magical property. Sigils can help with many different types of magical practices by being a part of spells, or by being used as a talisman. The act of making sigils has been around forever, but are primarily used in Chaos magic. You can make sigils for practically anything. Making a Sigil is a fun, and creative process.  I would say it is one of the more creative things you will do on your path. Now I will type a step by step on how to make a sigil…

  1. Choose what you would like your Sigil to do. This could be things such as a sigil to protect you, to find love, to gain luck, to call on a spirit,  to bind, and much more. You can create one for about anything you want, the only thing that could limit you is your imagination.
  2. Now you must write down your intentions in a sentence. Many chaos magicians write this sentence differently. Some choose to write present tense like “I will find love”  and others choose to write past tense “I am loved by another”. All you really need to do is get your intentions into a single sentence. I have found many ways to do this but they all work the same.(refer to Figure 1)
  3. Once you have your sentence it is time to get rid of all vowels, and any consonants that repeat. Go through the sentencing cross out any letters that fit this description.(refer to Figure 2)
  4. Now here is the most fun and creative part of this entire process. Once you end up with the letters that are left you must rearrange the letters into a symbol. The letters can look any way you want them to. they just have to be incorporated into the symbol. You can take the letters and put them into different alphabets. You can write them upside down, sideways or even in a mirrored version of the letter. Once you have incorporated all the letters into the symbol. make sure the symbol feels good to you and don’t be afraid to restart if it does not. once you are 100% okay with the symbol you made draw a circle around it. (refer to Figure 3) Some chaos magicians believe after you make a sigil you should hide it a way, and forget about it, but in my experience, and the experiences of my peers. This is not entirely necessary for the sigil to work.
  5. Now you have to charge the Sigil. Charging the Sigil is what gives the symbol its power. There are thousands of ways to charge it and it seems every time I turn around there’s a new way to do it. You can charge a sigil through pushing energy into it through your hands, meditating on the sigil, dancing around the sigil, chanting over the sigil, or masturbating to it. Once you do one of these things you can put your hand over the sigil to see if you can feel the energy in it. If you  feel the energy it is charged.
  6. Now find a place where you can keep the sigil. I recommend a place where you can always see it. By seeing it, and acknowledging its presence you will charge the sigil more.
  7. That’s all there is to it. The Sigil Will then begin to perform your desired outcome. As long as it has the energy to do so.Figure 1Figure 2Figure 3


  1. I’m kind of confused. You left out the W in the list in the picture. And you didn’t include the M in the drawing. Also, this looks nothing like the ones you have shown on your site. How do you get from these simple sketches to your finished product?


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