Invocation, and evocation are two very important parts of magick, and the occult. These concepts are very similar, but are also very different in many ways, and should be understood, so that you can work better with them in your practice. These words both have to do with calling forth constructs, but they both do it in their own objective ways, even though a lot of the time these words are used interchangeably by accident. These words come from the Latin word “vocare” which is a word that means to call forth. Most of the time, depending upon what the practitioner is conjuring will usually end up dictating, if they will be using an invocation, or evocation, but technically you could do both for any construct. In order to learn more about these terms, we should take a closer look at both of them separately.


Invocation is the act of  calling a construct to the inside of you. When invocation is used the constructs sits in the seat of power while you, become a subject to it. This is primarily used for energies, spirits, and deities you trust to have dominion over you, or with you. It is the act of calling forth, and letting the energies, and constructs interact with your being. In an invocation the construct that is being invoked is usually being asked for its energy and/or for its support to be called into the practitioner, and is usually not a call for it to manifest. Invocation is also sometimes used to refer to the calling of ‘higher’ entities.


Evocation is the act of calling a construct to the outside of you. In evocation you said in the seat of power over the entity that you summon. This is primarily done with spirits that are hostile, that you cannot trust, or do not know too much about, although it can be done with other entities that do not fit into those categories. Most likely in an evocation you will use some form of a binding in order to keep the entity under control, and restricted, while you communicate with it. These entities will also be released, and sent away at the end of the evocation ritual. In an evocation the construct is called to manifest in front of the practitioner, where the entity stays separated, and independent of the practitioner. Evocation is also sometimes used to refer to the calling of ‘lower’ entities.


This is what I have found my understanding of these words to be. If I missed anything, or if anyone would want to add anything feel free to, because it also seems like a lot of people have differing opinions on this subject.

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