Invoking the spiral is a technique much like invoking the pentagram, except when you invoke the spiral you are invoking the energies of spirit. This technique is like opening a portal between worlds that spirits, and energies can travel through to help, or connect with us in our practice. This will fill you with energy, and will act as a connection between you, and spirit. This spiral is also known as the sign of spirit descending into man. Banishing the spiral will put back energy in to its natural state, and will sort of just correct the area of energy into a more harmonious place of being. This technique is pretty basic, and simple, but is always a good thing to know.

To invoke the spiral you must draw a spiral in the air with your power hand, while envisioning your personal power forming a spiral as you do so, and crafting that image into the air. You can also use a wand, or athame to direct the energy of your power hand while you are doing this. When drawing the invoking spiral you will want to start at the middle of the spiral, and work your way out by drawing in a clockwise motion. When you do this you want to make 3 complete rotations. To draw the banishing spiral you will want to draw the invoking spiral in reverse. This can be done by you starting on the outside of the spiral, and working your way in a counter-clockwise motion. The spiral should be big enough so that you can go around it three times before reaching the center. Once you draw either the banishing, or invoking spiral you will want to then push it into being. This can be done by pushing the spiral with your hand, or running the spiral through with your athame or wand.



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