Journeys are a form of meditation in which you travel to the mentalscape to explore, learn, and meet with guides. These journeys are not usually planned out, but are usually more a free exploration to find understanding through more improvised means. But when these Journeys are planned out it is usually in order to find specific things, or answers to questions in your life through free exploration. Just like meditating in general this can take a few times for you to actually understand how to do it.

1) First you need to find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. This place should be completely free from distractions. You should put on some comfortable clothing, and take off any jewelry. If you would like you could also put on calming meditation music, or light some incense to really get the place in the perfect mood for meditation. Choose to sit, lay, or stand in any way that you would be comfortable to meditate in for a while. Then close your eyes, and enter a meditative state.

2) Deepen your meditation by opening your energy centers, and focusing on yourself in your mind’s eye. At this time you should use a spiritual protection technique, or method. This technique can be casting a circle, the psychic protective ball of light, or any other technique, or method you are familiar with. All you need is a way to be protected from outside negative influences that could disturb your meditation.

3) Now we are ready to begin our journey. You need to see through your inner eyes so you can experience, and explore the worlds within. This can be done by trying to open your eyes without actually opening your physical eyes, and visualizing what you may see if you did. This one turn open your inner eye known as your third eye and will allow you to start receiving things in the same spot where you usually imagine them. Look around the inner Space, and allowing your environment to form around you. You can also envision yourself in some sort of setting like a forest, a city, a jungle, a mountain, anything that you can envision you could explore. Once you pick one of these options it is imperative to envision yourself there through your eyes. You need to be able to turn your inner head around, and be able to see in all directions. In this world your will is how you get around, and interact with things in the world, so if you wanted to move your hand to touch something like the ground all you would have to do is think about touching the ground. Through your will you will make it real, and be able to feel, and sense things in this world.

4) Once you have control in this world you will then be allowed to explore it. The trick to this is not allowing yourself to influence the land with your will, and go through it with an open mind allowing you to interact with things outside your normal perception. This can be hard to do it first, but you will eventually be able to learn to do this through practice. You should allow the environment to go with the flow why you move yourself through it with your will. You can also call your guides to come with you on your journey through the unknown. Your guides may also take you on journeys of their own in order to teach you a certain lesson you need to learn in your life. Journeying is all about the experience usually not about the destination, because most of the time there is no destination just places you perceive, and learn from on the way there.

5) When your journey is complete, and you are ready to return back to the mundane world. You can do so simply by thanking all your guides for coming with you on your journey, and by simply easing out of your meditation, by simply focusing more on the physical. You can then open your eyes, and go on among your day.

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