Kreidler is a magick card game I played, and invented with one of my friends to help learning, and understanding of occult techniques, and practices. This card game was one of the ways in which we tested are skills, and had fun passing time. It is a pretty simple game in premise, but can become complicated in tactics, and strategies. The Objective of Kreidler is to use all of your occult abilities to pick 2 kings, 2 Queens, and 2 jacks off your opponents space. Who ever gets 2 kings, 2 Queens, and 2 jacks off your opponents space first wins, but if you choose one of your opponents aces you automatically lose the game. Here is a step by step on how to play Kreidler. Step by step time!

1) Gathering Materials

First things first you will need a standard deck of 52 cards, and things you use to cast spells, do rituals, make sigils, and do other occult things. You will also need a partner since this game is a 2 player game, and they should probably also be a practitioner of magick. Once you have all that you are ready to start a game of Kreidler.

2) Setting Up

Now you must divvy up the cards. One player gets all the black cards, and the other player gets the red cards. Once both players have there respected decks. Each player on his, or her side of the table, or space can lay their cards face down in any form they want to. This is where your first opportunity comes to screw with your opponent. This means you can lay the cards in a perfect 2 by 13 rectangle, or you can lay the cards randomly, or you can even just keep them in a messy pile of cards. Any position you want to put them in really. It’s all about gaining an advantage over your opponent. Now is the perfect time for you to charge cards with the energies of other cards, or put some type of sigils on the table. Anything to give your self the advantage is pretty much legal in this game. Then after that decide between the 2 of you which one of you is going to go first. Once you have all that done you can start the real game.

3) Turn To Turn

Every time at the beginning of your turn, or vice-versa on your opponent’s turn before you pick a card your opponent can choose to move around, and rearrange his, or her cards in any way they would like. This is the only time beside the setup where your opponents can move they cards. Once he is done you can choose your 1 card this turn from your opponent’s space. Every time it is your turn you must choose a card. This is where you can use any spells, rituals, techniques, or practices to find your opponent’s 2 kings, 2 Queens, and 2 jacks. From using ESP to asking your Spirit guides to help you find them. You can do pretty much anything besides flip more than one card a turn, or rearranging your opponent’s space. Once you pick one of your opponent’s cards, flip it over, and look to see what card it is. If you pick one of your opponent’s 2 kings, 2 queens, and 2 jacks remove it from your opponent’s space. If it is just a basic number card return it to its face down position in its original spot. If it is an ace you automatically lose, and the game is over.

Remember if you play this try to have fun, and that there are probably some card game exploits, that have not been patched.

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