Linking sigils, or sometimes referred to as LS for short are use primarily to transfer energy from one place to another one. These are sigils that are used when a practitioner wants to connect, and send energy back, and forth between two places. Any sigil can technically be use as a linking sigil, but in my experience it is better to make one for the exact purpose of being used as a linking sigil. A practitioner should take special care not to give the linking sigil to any one that they do not want using it, so they do not send energy into your linking sigil connection, that the practitioner might not want to come through there. You wouldn’t want anyone else trying to take over your sigil network, and using it for their own intentions. People could also use these as a form of taglock, So that they can send energy to their targets more effectively. The sky’s the limit with how you could use this type of sigil in your practice. To make them is the same way you make the other sigils, and all you have to do is set the intent of the sigil to be a linking sigil, and then that sigil will be connected to sigils of the same design, and intent, and will be ready for use. In order for you to use this sigil all you would have to do is draw the same sigil in two different places, so that the energies can flow through it to the other version of the sigil in a different location. These sigils primarily work by using the magickal law of association, and the magical law of similarity in order for you to connect, and be able to transfer energy through the sigils. People have used these sigils to connect themselves to certain spiritual locations, so that they can feel, and work with their energy even when they are not there. I have also heard of people putting these on their altars, so that later they could draw the sigil someplace else to manifest the energies of their altars right there, and then allowing them to work magick with that energy. It is sort of a way to connect themselves to their altars, and also allow their altars energy to be with them always. The most famous linking sigil is the Ellis linking sigil. It was used by the group DKMU’s as a way to assault reality, and make the world a more magickal place. Ellis, and the linking sigil have become quite powerful after continuous use by many different practitioners. For whatever your purpose is for wanting to use linking sigils I’m sure that it can be fulfilled my friends. These sigils can be quite useful if you know when to use them, and can become a great part of anyone’s practice.

If you do not know how to make a Sigil:

If you do not know how to charge a Sigil:

If you do not know how to activate a Sigil:

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