Every once in awhile I am met with an acronym for a concept that is in my practice, but the problem is I’m not too good at remembering acronyms. So, I decided to make a list of acronyms for magickal concepts to help me remember, and maybe some of you to also remember these acronyms. If I missed some which I probably will feel free to comment, and add them.

List Of Acronyms For Magickal Concepts

AP – Astral projection

AB – Astral Body

APT – Astral Projected Travel

OBE, or OOBE – out-of-body experience

ASE – All Seeing Eye

LBRP – Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

LBRH – Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram

GBR – Gnostic Banishing Ritual

IOT – Illuminates of Thantateros

OTO – Ordo Templi Orientis

HOGD – hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

TK – Telekinesis

PK – Psychokinesis

ESP – Extra sensual perception

SG – spirit guide

AA – ArchAngel

HP – High Priest

HPS – High Priestess

CM – Chaos Magick

COSP – Cross of St. Peter

FS – Familiar spirit

LOK – Law Of Knowledge

LOSK – Law Of Self-Knowledge

LOCE – Law Of Cause & Effect

LOSY – Law Of Synchronicity

LOA – Law Of Association

LOSI – Law Of Similarity

LOPA – Law Of Positive Attraction

LONA – Law Of Negative Attraction

LON – Law Of Names

LOWOP – Law Of Words Of Power

LOP – Law Of Personification

LOIN – Law Of Invocation

LOE – Law Of Evocation

LOI – Law Of Identification

LOID – Law Of Infinite Data

LOFS – Law Of Finite Senses

LOPU – Law Of Personal Universes

LOIU – Law Of Infinite Universes

LOPR – Law Of Pragmatism

LOC – Law of contagion

LOTF – Law Of True Falsehoods

LOSYN – Law Of Synthesis

LOO – Law Of Opposites

LODB – Law Of Dynamic Balance

LOPE – Law Of Perversity

LOU – Law Of Unity

NT – New Thought

PA – Power Animal

AOTM – Alphabet of the Magi

AS – Ancestral Spirit

BR – Banishing Ritual

BOT – Book of Thoth

COS – Church of Satan

EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena

EMF – Electromagnetic Field

ES – Empath Sickness

EM – Energy Manipulation

EW – Energy Work

EV – Energy Vampire

MOTB – Mark of the Beast

WMT – Western Magickal Tradition

EMT – Eastern Magickal Tradition

NMS – Native American Spirituality

NCTT – Non-Contact Therapeutic Touch

ONA – Order of the Nine Angles

PLR – Past Life Regression

PR – Psychic Reading

RV – Remote Viewing

SW – Shadow work

TOL – Tree of Life

TBOTL – The Book of the Law

AAS – Ausar Auset Society

CTQ – Calling the Quarters

CM – Ceremonial Magick

FM – Folk Magick

EBS – Earth Based Spirituality

EBR – Earth Based Religion

HM – High Magick

LM – Low Magick

M&P – Mortar and Pestle

LD – Lucid Dream

WILD – Wake Induced Lucid Dream

SS – Sacred Space

AOA – Age of Aquarius

GA – Guardian Angel

HS – Higher Self

LHP – Left-hand path

RHP – Right-hand path

COP – Cone Of Power

AR – Akashic Records

TOTA – Triangle Of The Art

AOD – Alphabet of Desire

AM – Ascended Master

AW – Automatic Writing

HF – Handfasting

KJB – King James Bible

NDE – Near Death Experience

NA – New Age

WC – Witchcraft

DDM – Drawing Down the Moon

DDS – Drawing Down the sun

WOTY – Wheel of the Year

BOS – Book of Shadows

BOI – Book of Illuminations

BOL – Book of Light

TFL – Threefold Law

TRT – Tarot

MGK – Magick

PGN – Pagan

BTW – British Traditional Wicca

WR – The Wiccan Rede

SMIB – So Mote It Be

BB – Blessed Be

UPG – Unverified Personal Gnosis

SPG – Shared Personal Gnosis

CG – Confirmed Gnosis

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