A magickal name is a name that practitioners use instead of their earth given name when they are doing magickal working, or anything related to there path. It is a way to separate yourself from the mundane world and allow yourself to awaken to a different reality. A reality filled with more magick, and wonder. This name is protection for the practitioner. It is used to hide, and obscure their identity while also not giving a powerful link to the practitioners being in the form of the magickal law of names. This name would be exchanged between practitioners, or between practitioners, and spirits. Not all practitioners choose to have a magical name but, practitioners that do can have one, or more magickal names, or even change magickal names, from time to time. These names can be found, or created in many different ways. There is no correct, or wrong way to come upon your magickal name, but you will know when you do because it will resonate with your soul. These names can represent, and reflect the ideas of the practitioner without many links to them. These names can also be made completely randomly, but sometimes some association is always good. Your name could take on some form of meaning that you wished to see in you, or your life. It could be a name that has to do with your deity that you are connected to or an energy that you find appealing. These names could be crafted by forms such as divination, meditation, numerology, or astrology, among many other things. Feel free to get creative, and dive deep to find a magickal name that means something to you.

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