When practicing magick there are many tools that can help you to cast your will into the universe. These tools have been used throughout multiple cultures, and traditions, and will be helpful to learn, and adapt in your magickal practice.

Altar: An altar is a space in which you can worship, and perform magick. It is connected to the element of earth, and spirit. It is a space that has already been connected to your magick working, and is a place between worlds. An altar can be made for various different purposes, and reasons. They are a great thing to have if you are performing, or doing magick.

Athame: An athame is a ceremonial short blade that is usually a double edged dagger with some sort of black handle. This tool usually corresponds to the element of fire, but has been known to also represent air on occasion. It is usually used in magick to direct energy.

Boline: A boline is a ceremonial knife that may have a curved blade instead of a straight one, usually with a white handle. It is used for cutting herbs, and anything else that needs to be cut in a ritual manner.

Cauldron: A cauldron is a big pot that is often made out of cast iron, and is often black. The cauldron is connected  to the element of water. It is usually used to cook, or brew things. It is also used to hold things like water, or herbs, and is sometimes used as a safe burning place.

Chalice: A chalice is a large cup, or goblet. It can be made from a plethora of different materials, and is connected to the element of water. The chalice is used to hold ritual liquids, and drinks.

Paten, or Pentacle: A paten is a disk-shaped object with a spiritual symbol on one of its faces. Most often this would be the pentacle. It represents the element of earth, and it can be used to call the corners, and the elements to your circle.

Sword: A sword is a long metal blade, and a hilt. It is also connected to the element of fire, and air much like the athame, and its primary use in magick is to direct energy.

Wand: A wand is usually a forearm length rod. This rod is made from various materials such as wood, crystal, copper, brass, etc. The wand may also include personal touches to make it user specific. It corresponds to the element of air, but has also been known to correspond to fire as well at times. This tool is used just like the athame to direct energy in ritual, and magickal working.

Staff: A staff is a longer rod that is either usually the length of the ground to your shoulders, or the length of the ground to the top of your head. This staff can be made of various things just like the wand, and can be personalized to make it your own. It is represented of the earth element, and is a tool that is used for energy directing.

Incense Burner, Or Censer: Censers come in various different sizes, and shapes. They are places to keep your incense, while it is burning, and are connected to the element of air.

Besom, or Broom: A besom is a broom made in the traditional old fashioned way. This broom is usually made out of a stick, and twigs, or hay. Besom are connected to the element of Air, and are used to sweep negative energy from areas, and spaces.

Bells: A bell is a bell-shaped object usually with a handle that can be rang to a specific tone. The bell is connected to the element of water. It can be used to cleanse objects, and areas of negative energies as well as invite positive energy into that space through the simple ringing of its tone. It can also be used to invoke deity, and can open, and closed circles.

Jewellery: Jewelry, and any other type of accessory can be used in magick. It can be enchanted, empowered, or blessed, and kept on the person to act out the will that was imprinted upon it, even when the practitioner is not a hundred percent focused on it. Jewelry does not have a set elemental correspondence, but I would have to say it would be more related to earth for the slow passive energy magick that it does. Having these advantages will aid the practitioner in more of a passive magick sense, and can be made to be used in different ways from protection, to luck, to cursing, and everything in between.

Candles: Candles are powerful magical tools that improve, and empower the magick you are doing. Candles are connected to the element of fire, and are a big part of most rituals, and spells. Candles are like generators that provide energy into the magickal working.

Feathers: Feathers from any type of bird can be used to represent the air. They can be used as fans for incense.

Stones, and Crystals: Stones, and crystals can be awfully helpful. Their element in general would be earth, though every stone, and crystal has its own unique element. Stones, and crystals bring so many different energies to the table that can be worked with in magick. Having these stones, and crystals nearby will allow the energy to permeate through the air. To get the most out of it in your work one must only need to look up what the stone is good for, or feel into the stone in order to understand the uses that you could get out of it.

Herbs, and Oils: Herbs, and oils just like crystals can be used in multiple situations to infuse the energies that they possess in to your magickal working. Herbs, and oils are in general the element of earth, but each herb, and oil has its own unique element. Herbs can be used to make other things such as potions, or food, and imbue them with their energies, and oils can be used to anoint objects to empower them with the energies of the oil.

Seashells: Seashells are shells formed by mollusks. These shells are connected to the element of water. They are used in magick for their connection to the sea, and powerful water energies. They are used to make you more sensitive, and connected to your emotions. They can also be used in seashell divination.

Sea Glass: Sea Glass is glass that has been rounded, and weathered by the sea. It is deeply connected to the water, rebirth, and renewal. It has been used in magick as a way to connect with the sea, and to bring water energies into people’s lives. It can also be used in spells associated with clairvoyance, or any other form of sight, and is used to clear up misconceptions, and miscommunications.

Sigils: Sigils are symbols used in magickal practice. Sigils and general are connected to the element of earth, and are used in order to manifest one’s desires through the destruction, or preservation of the sigils.

Alphabets Of Desire: Alphabets of desire are personal alphabets made of sigils that are usually reoccurring, and reused. These sigils build up energy over time, and build up power over their continuous use. These alphabets are usually used just like the sigils, and other magical alphabets, but now they are personalized, and bring on more powerful energy that is personal to you.

Thought-forms: Thought-forms are artificial spirits that are made from the intend, will, and energies of a practitioner.

Mortar, and Pestle: A mortar is a stone, or wood bowl, and a pestle is a stone, or wood pumble. Mortars, and Pestles are connected to the element of earth. They are used primarily to crush up herbs, and minerals into powder, and to push your will into them while you do so.

Scrying Mirrors: A scrying mirror is a mirror that is usually black that is used in scrying, and divination. These mirrors are connected to the element of water, and are used to see into the future, communicate with spirits, and get insight into the world.

Crystal Balls: Crystal balls are spherical objects usually made of crystal, but can also be made of glass. It is connected to the element of water, and is also used to scry, and divine. Whether this be seeing the future, communicating with spirits, or getting insight into the world.

Pendulum: A pendulum is some sort of chain, or thread connected to a heavier object. It is connected to the element of air, and is also used in many forms of divination, and dowsing.

Divining Rods: The divining rods are two L-shaped rods that are usually made out of copper. They’re connected to the element of water. They have been used throughout history to find water, and other lost objects through the use of dowsing, and divination.

Ouija Board: Ouija boards are boards with symbols, letters, numbers, and other things printed on it. They also come with a planchette. The ouija board is connected to the element of earth, and sometimes water. It is used to communicate with entities, and on rare occasion used for divination, but a lot of practitioners choose to stay away from them due to the negative connotation that they carry.

Poppet Dolls: Poppet dolls are dolls made from various materials. These dolls are usually connected to a wide variety of different elements, but at their base I believe the element would be considered earth. They are dolls made for various purposes that take on the energies of the things they have been made out of.

Magickal Musical Instruments: All musical instruments can, and have been used in magick. The element of the instrument is determined on if it is a woodwind, brass, string, or percussion instrument, in which the element can be invoked through the use, or play of that instrument. Woodwind being air, brass being water, string being fire, and percussion being earth. These instruments can be used tools to direct energy through there play of them .

Brass Vessel: Brass vessels are containers made of brass, and they are associated with the element of earth. They are used in forms of ceremonial magick to house spirits on the earthly plane.

Chalk: Chalk is a writing utensil that is connected again to the element of earth. It is used to draw sigils, and circles.

Triangle Of The Art: The triangle of the art is a symbol that is used in magick for holding, and binding entities to a specific spot so they do not hurt the practitioner. They’re normally use during evocations.

Cingulum, Or Cord: A Cingulum, or cord is a long rope, or thread. A Cingulum, or cord is representative of the element of Earth. This tool is used to measure out the size of a magickal circle, and may even be used as a physical representation of one. It has also been worn around the waist to show ranking in forms of Traditional British Wicca.

Cloth: A cloth is a piece of fabric usually black, and can even have sigils written upon it. It is connected to the element of Earth. It is used to wraparound certain objects to seal them away, and to silence them.

Asperger: An Asperger is a tool the is used to sprinkle certain types of liquids such as water over things to purify them. The asperger is connected to the element of water.

Singing Bowls: Singing Bowls are bowls that were originally made in Tibet. These bowls are connected to the element of Water, and Air. These bowls when the rim is rubbed, or struck produce a noise that can be used in energy work, and healing because of its energy frequency that it produces.

Spiritual Statuaries: Spiritual statuaries are statues of deities, guides, or other spiritual masters. It is probably best represented by the element of spirit than anything else. These statues are like anchors, and connection points to the deity, guide, or other spiritual master. They are markers for points in which are dedicated to certain entities.

The Runes set: The runes are stones with symbols printed upon them. The runes are connected to the element of earth. There are many different types of alphabets that can be placed on these stones, but the most popular one and the one that started it all is the Elder Futhark Runes. These runes set can be used for divination, or as way to connect with the energies of the runes, or symbols placed upon the stones.

Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, And/Or Playing Cards: These cards are cards that all can be used in divination along with other types of magick. They come in a deck of cards in which all cards in the deck have their own specific meaning, and purpose. These cards are a lot like the runes in card form, and they correspond to the element of earth.

Water: Water is a tool that can be used in magick to purify, and cleanse spaces, and objects. It is connected to the element of water (obviously).

Salt: Salt is a tool that can be used in magick that can also purify, and cleanse spaces, and objects. It is connected to the element of earth, and can be used to make salt circles, and to ward off negative entities.

Magickal Clothing: Magickal clothing such as robes play a very important part in the magical workings of many practitioners. These clothes don’t only hold the ranks in groups but can be empowered, enchanted, and blessed to give the practitioner a magical edge when practicing magick. These can also act as a protective shield from negative energies, and can also be used to bring the practitioner into a state in which they are ready to perform their work. It is connected to the element of earth.

Book of Shadows : The Book of Shadows is a personal grimoire for a person, or group. It is connected to the element of air, and inside it will usually have personal information, spells, rituals, dreams, chants, symbols, and anything else the practitioner has found helpful on their path.

Personal Items: Anything that is personal to you can be used, and be effective in magick, because of the energy connection you share between you, and that object.

The Land: The land you live on can greatly increase the power of your magick through the help of the spirits that is existent upon the land. It is a connection built in the element of earth. The land can provide you with energy, power, and understanding, and can be a major part of your path, if you allow it to be.

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