Creating your own magickal wand, or staff is a good way to create a tool that is specifically connected to you on a spiritual level. This wand, or staff could be a powerful energy directing tool that you could use in all your magical practices. Since you created it yourself you would know its energies inside, and out. Giving you a step up when using that tool in your practice. Creating a magickal wand, and staff is not that difficult of a process, and can be used, and adapted by anyone. All you really need to create your own magickal wand, or staff is a basic understanding of magick, and some creativity skills.

1) First thing you will need to do is to find the main material you would like your staff, or wand to be made out of. This material can be technically anything from crystal to wood to metal. Most people tend to use some type of wood, because it is readily available, and is easier to mold, and form into whatever you would like. If you want your wand, or staff to be made of metal you should not use iron or steel, and instead use copper, or brass. Due to the fact that energy does not flow well through steel, or iron, because of their metaphysical properties. If you choose to make your staff, or wand out of wood. You should acquire the stick, or branch through means that does not harm the tree it comes from. Some practitioners wait for a storm to blow a branch out of a tree. It said by acquiring the stick through this means the storm’s power will be imbued in the stick. You must also make sure that the wood’s energy is what you would like to promote in your craft.You can simply check this by looking up the metaphysical properties of the word you are you want to use as your staff, or wand. The best way to find the main material for your staff, or wand is to just use your intuition, and be called to your staff, or wand. For your intuition will never let you down as long as you believe in it wholeheartedly.

2) Once you have the main material for your staff, or wand, It’s time to personalize it, and make it look nice. You can do this in a plethora of different ways depending on your main material, and your creative ability. You don’t even really need to personalize it, or make it look any different then you found it. If you want to keep it the natural way you can. At the end of the day you can do whatever the heck you feel like it’s your staff, or wand. If you had a wood stick, or branch, and you didn’t want the bark on it you could always take a knife to it, and shave off the bark, sand it down, and polish it to really get a more smoother effect. Maybe you want to attach crystals to your staff, or wand that you personally are deeply connected to, and all you would really need to do that is some glue, or sinew. You could also draw sigils, glyphs, and symbols on your staff, or wand. Truly the sky’s the limit the only thing limiting use your imagination.

3) Finally you need to activate your staff, or wand. This can be done through a ritual that will connect you spiritually to your staff, or wand. In this ritual you also want to cleanse, and empower your staff, or wand before connecting with it. Though this ritual can be taken from many different angles the basis for is all the same. All you really need to do is center, ground, cast a circle, and call the corners, you know all the beginning ritual stuff. Then you need to cleanse the staff, or wand through any cleansing method. You could pass it through sage smoke, or even spray holy water upon it. It’s really up to you. Next you will need to empower your staff, or wand. You could do this through anointing, praying, or invoking the Gods over it, or you could even push your energy into it. Again totally up to you on how you would like to empower your staff, or wand. Then you should meditate with your wand or your staff, and feel into its energies. You could also take this time to name your staff, or wand in order for the connection between both of you to grow. Continue your meditation until you feel good, and connected with your staff, or wand. Then finally undo your circle, and go on your way with your new staff, or wand.


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