Mixed name sigils are sigils that brings the energies of 2 names, and what they represent together to form a combination of the 2. These sigils are also called combination sigils. These sigils are used went one wants to bring 2 constructs together in harmony to allow there energies to work together for a common goal. They are useful in matters of love, and relationships, because the sigil will try to make the bond stronger between the 2 constructs it is made from. These sigil are charged, and activated like all the other types of sigils. All you need in order to make these sigils are two energies that you want to combine. Once you have that all you have to do is make a sigil out of parts of the intent so that it can form one sigil. That’s all there really is to it my friends. it is just a matter of changing up the intent, so that two energies come together into one. It is a very incredibly simple technique but helpful at the same time. Once you get a hang of this it will surely be able to help you, and your magical practice.

If you do not know how to make a Sigil:


If you do not know how to charge a Sigil:


If you do not know how to activate a Sigil:


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