Moonlight water, and sunlight water is as its name would suggest water that is left in the light of either the sunlight, or the moonlight. The water that is left in the light is charged with the energy of either the sun, or moon giving the water stronger metaphysical properties. This water can be used later in many different types of purposes like taking in the energy of the Sun, and Moon, being used as a base for potions, or teas, and It can even be used to make other types of magical waters. To make this water all you literally have to do is put water outside in the sunlight, or moonlight in a clear glass container, and it will begin to charge it with its energies. When making this water you want to use the best water that you have whether that be purified, spring, filter, or any other type. This water can be helpful to give you energy, and to heal your body in dire moments, or can be used as a tool for purification, and cleansing techniques.

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