Mudras are symbolic gestures that are used in many different parts of eastern spiritual practice along with some parts of western spirituality. These hand gestures focus the body’s energy in a specific way so that their energy can affect them, or the world around them. There are literally thousands of mudras coming from a wide array of different cultures, and belief systems. These mudras have many different wide varying effects, and purposes. Most of the time a mudra is only a hand gesture but there are some mudra that get the entire body involved. To use a mudra all you need to do is put your hand in that position for an extended period of time, and the act of this alone will focus your energy on the goal of the mudra. You can use a mudra whenever you would like throughout any time of the day. they are gestures that communicate language, and intent through the simple act of your body language. Now I will compile a list of some basic mudras, and their basic effects that I like to use.

Gyan Mudra – This mudra is for knowledge. It is used to find an enhanced knowledge around, and within you. It helps with concentration, and remembering information.

Hakini Mudra – This mudra is for concentration especially while speaking, or communicating with another entity.

Dhyana Mudra – This mudra is for concentration in meditation.

Tarjani Mudra, karana mudra, Sign of the horns, or manu cornuto – This mudra is to ward off evil, bad luck, and sickness. It Is also used to represent the horned God.

Abhaya mudra – This mudra is for protection, removal of fear, peace and non-aggression.

Añjali Mudra – This mudra is for connecting the energies in our bodies, and connecting ourselves to our higher self. It is a mudra that reflects the self.

Ksepana Miudra – This mudra is for directing negative energy out of your body, and allowing positive energy to reclaim that area.

Vaayu Mudra – This mudra is for calmness, and restfulness. It is used to clear and relax the mind.

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