Introduction :

Muscle testing is a way of using your body in order to divine through the use of your muscles in order to find answers to questions you have. It is like using your body as a pendulum in order to interpret answers that you may be getting from Source, or other entities. This can be incredibly helpful when you do not have any other tools, around and you still want to divine something. Muscle testing is also pretty easy to, and can be great for beginners that do not have tools yet. In muscle testing since you are the divination tool your biggest enemy that can stop you from divining answers correctly is Self doubt. It is very important to remember not to doubt yourself. I’m now going to explain to you how to do a simple muscle testing for divination purposes. There are many other methods that you could use for muscle testing that could be found around the internet, but this is one of the more common in simple ones. Step by step time! (I haven’t posted anything with those words in a while)

Step by step on how to do simple muscle testing for divination purposes:

1) The first thing you are going to need to do in order to start muscle testing is to make the okay symbol with both of your hands, and then connect the rings of the okay symbols together. So that both of the meeting places of your fingers are within the other okay symbol. That’s just a very complicated way of saying I want you to interlock okay symbols. It may also be useful to enter a meditative state in the step my friend, to help you receive messages more clearly.

2) Next you’re going to want to pick a question that can be answered in a yes, or no format.  You are going to want to say this out loud, or in your head to yourself, so that your intent for this question can be known.

3) Now simply at a medium strength pull once, and see if you can separate your fingers from each other. If your finger separate in your hands break free from one another, then the answer to your question is a yes. If they do not break free then the answer to your question is a no.


That’s all there really is to it my friends. It’s a simple little technique that can help you out in situations when you do not have any other tools, or who knows you might use that as your main divination method, but regardless I’m sure it will be helpful to you in some form of way.

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