Name sigils are just like normal sigils, except instead of the intent being focused on a situation, or act it is focused on the energies of the person whose name is used to create the sigil. Any type of name can be used for this type of sigil such as a first name, a middle name, a last name, a username, a nickname, a magick name, etcetera. These types of sigils resonate with the energy of the person bringing their natural energies into a physical form. These sigils can be used to enhance their already existing energy, or to bestow their energy upon another.

It can be used as a symbol to represent you, and to target yourself with certain magical energies that you wish to bring into your life. Since these sigils energies mimic the energy of the person that’s name was used to create them, they are technically linked to it on a spiritual level. This can also be used as a magickal signature, or claiming tool to show that you own something. Some people place them on things to mark them as theirs such as artwork, land, objects, or people. These sigils can be incredibly helpful in improving one’s own energy, and also can be good for when studying, and learning about yourself. Name sigils are greatly connected to you, and your energies, and are symbols that are held close to your soul.

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