The pendulum is a very interesting esoteric tool that can be used for divination, and dowsing, along with many other things. This tool consists of a string, and a heavy object at the very bottom of it which is held in the air, and asked questions in order to divine. These pendulums can be made out of almost anything, and are simple, but powerful tools that can help us in our workings, because of this pendulums are super easy to make, and can become a very easy tool for anyone to get a hold of. You could even use a necklace as a pendulum as long as it has some sort of charm, or something on it. The pendulum can be used by anyone, all you need to do is learn how to use it.

To use a pendulum you want to hold the string with your thumb, and index finger with your elbow bent slightly, so that the pendulum weight is off the ground. Also to keep your hands steady you might want to balance your elbow against a table, or some sort of other apparatus. This will help you rule out unnecessary movements. Now focus, and enter a more meditative like state. In this state subtle energies will affect you, and the pendulum allowing your answer to be divined, and interpreted by the movement of the pendulum. These movements can be interpreted by parameters that were set up before asking the question. Some people even allow the pendulum to set the parameters for interpretation by asking it beforehand which way means what, because not always does everyone’s pendulum swing the same way. This is often called pendulum calibration, when either you, or the pendulum set the parameters for the interpretation.  If you don’t want the pendulum to decide its calibration, you can always manually do it with a pendulum chart. Which will answer your question depending on which section of the chart the pendulum chooses to swing in, or you can state out loud, or in your head the parameters before you start such as the basic yes, no, or maybe parameters that is most common among beginners.  Maps of also been used as pendulum charts in order to find the locations of things through the act of dowsing. These pendulum charts work a lot like spreads for Tarot, and take on practically the same purpose. Most questions asked to a pendulum are yes, or no questions, but eventually you can ask more complicated questions as long as you set up parameters for those questions. The basic yes, no, or maybe parameters for a pendulum is the pendulum swinging left and right for no, to-and-fro for yes , and spinning in a circle for maybe. This is one of the most basic, and useful parameters for a pendulum to be used in. Once the parameters are calibrated all you have to do is start asking your questions, and that’s all there is to it. The pendulum is a very unique,and interesting tool that can help you with its divination, and dowsing skills. It is always a good thing to learn like any other divination in order to help you gain insight into the world around you.

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